Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I help you
talk to aliens.  Some of you have been wondering what the deal is here
recently.  The slight observer’s of you noticed my web page completely
black for the past week.  The completely confused of you thought the page
had disappeared or something was wrong with your computer.  The remembering
of you thought it was a predecessor to the new web page.  (still in
production)  The very astute of you found the secret hidden message.
But, alas it turns out the black page with the hidden message was all just part
of an elaborate plan to catch the attention of a particular lady.  I
absolutely hate asking a girl out.  I think it’s embarrassing.  Others
have told me i’m too proud.  But there’s a fine line between being too
proud and not wanting to get hurt.  If i dont ask, i wont get rejected.
But, i don’t mind asking if i’m relatively sure of success.  So, i drop
hints, leave clues that would give me an idea for the go ahead.  A teddy
bear and candy gift basket on valentines day, and a series of unreturned
messages and elaborate just downright trickery should of led the victim to this
page with the black writing.  A phone call would of ensued that a website
they were visiting had a problem and the secret message would be revealed.
The resulting reaction would determine the future.  yea, i’m psycho.
alas, it all went unnoticed.  but, in the event you, and you know who you
are i hope, do eventually see this, call me.  My problem is i mistake
kindness for flirting and flirting for kindness.  It’s hard for me to judge
the intentions of a lady.  it’s gotta be pretty obvious or i’ll walk away
and say to myself wow, she sure was nice.  or wow what a great smile.
or i’ll walk away and think maybe something was there, when there wasn’t.
I pull up into a drive through and the cute lady at the window compliments me on
my car.  is that flirting?  i express love for the artist of a cd i
find on someone’s desk.  i’m constantly asked why i’m single or when am i
getting married.  It all turns out that the girls i’m interested in aren’t
interested in me and the girls interested in me i’m not interested in.  In
other words, i’m too picky.  so when i find an interest, i have to let them
know cuz its few and far between.

Now, on with the show.
Have you seen the mlife commercial where the couple gets on the bus and there’s
no seats together?  they sit separately and send messages back and forth on
their phones.  The background music sings “She’ll talk to you with no one
else around
But only if you’re able to entertain her”  If you listen to the whole song,
you’ll see the song is hardly a love song.  Get the CD by

Kings Of Convenience
and listen to Toxic Girl.

by some method, i found an interesting weblog.
reverse cowgirl check it out. I
recently bought a

.  They’re running a great promotion that you buy one and you
can get 1 of 4 games for free. so i chose

metroid prime
.  i must say i’m very impressed with it.  While i’m
pimping Amazon, be sure to order the

Spirited Away
DVD.  This is the movie i made two road trips just to see
in the theater.  very nice.

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