blues man blues

come on blues man
play me some blues
drown out my thoughts
with your sad sad news
turn it on up
tell me your story
I want to hear about
your heartbroken allegory
I know it’s a sad song
even though it’s upbeat
but it’s holding back my tears
as i’m stomping my feet
so come on blues man
sing me your blues
or I’ll drown out your thoughts
with my sad sad news


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  1. […] So I promised my good friend Ayen I’d write so here it all goes aha.  Haven’t updated in a little while, I really was trying to write more recently.  I had some inspiration to pull from.  Anyway, don’t really know what’s going on with that, as I guess you figured out by my last poem, so trying to step back from that for a bit before I dissapoint myself even more.  Thanks to all my readers for keeping me going, I’m not sure exactly what everyone likes so much here, aha but I’ll keep it on and up and just do my thing.  […]

  2. […] time another failure was under way .  To which I went out and drowned my sorrow and penned this poem.  After a long dry spell, we played D&D again then Easter at Grandmas.   Gadita […]

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