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So I promised my good friend Ayen I’d write so here it all goes aha.  Haven’t updated in a little while, I really was trying to write more recently.  I had some inspiration to pull from.  Anyway, don’t really know what’s going on with that, as I guess you figured out by my last poem, so trying to step back from that for a bit before I dissapoint myself even more.  Thanks to all my readers for keeping me going, I’m not sure exactly what everyone likes so much here, aha but I’ll keep it on and up and just do my thing. 

So, yea last thursday I decided to go out and take some time away from things to reflect.  I went straight from work to see Children of Men, which was absolutely an awesome movie.  I’ll get that on DVD soon as I get some extra bucks. 

Then I left there and went to one of my favorite hangouts Crowleys and had dinner and listend to several bands play at the open mic they have every thursday night.

While sitting there listening to the bands, I wrote the poem Blues man’s Blues. 

My photostream has been kicking butt.  Every time I feel like I should post here “I now have 5000 pictures” I’m already at 6000.  Each time I want to say “I have over 10000 views now” it’s already 15000.  Currently I’m at 10,848 photos and 33,147 views.  Thats a whole lot of pictures and picture viewing.  See for yourself here:

^random pictures

More pictures to come this coming week, as I’ll be going up to Washington DC to do some major sight seeing and museum touring and such.  Leaving early Friday morning and will be back sometime Sunday.  So depending on time I may not get all the pictures up until Monday or so?

Been sick this week, so havent really done a whole lot but go to work and sleep when I get home.   The past recent weeks my cat Gadita has been curling up with me in bed.  For a good time she would just get on the bed and pounce on my feet all night if I ever so slightly moved.  Of course at around 3am I’d end up kicking her off the bed.  But recently she’s been cuddling up next to me and letting me hold her like a stuffed animal as we sleep.  Her purring easily puts me to sleep.  But, I was thinking the other night as she layed right at my face that it probabally isn’t really good for me as I’m actually a little allergic to cats!  and dogs.  and some types of grass and weeds.  But all only by a very small amount.  Hope thats not what has been making me sick.

Well, hopefully that’ll satisify you for a while.  If I can think of more I’ll write later.  But tomorrow night i’ll be readying for the trip and then will be gone all weekend.  So take care and all that.  Leave me comments or email me, they’re much appreciated.

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