I posted this onto a local community blog that is just now beginning to question ethanol, thought I’d post it here too after all the link finding I did.

Most Americans don’t care about the reduction of corn into our food supply, how the demand for ethanol usage of corn has increased the price of corn due to high demand (making farmers drop other crops such as wheat in favor of more profitable corn), that due to more farmers growing corn there is a reduction in the supply of other crops hence those prices are going up due to short supply, that even if all the corn in the US is used for Ethanol it would only replace 7% of our vehicle oil usage, that federal government aid is encouraging farmers to grow corn for the purpose of ethanol and to create high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar, that the huge increase of corn crops are causing life killing nitrogen based fertilizers to empty into the gulf of mexico, yada yada yada, but when you start screwing with the American’s beer thats when they might start to listen.

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