Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Basically, if it
could go wrong, it went wrong.  The entire past few weeks have led me to
believe this past saturday’s show was going to be a bust.  and with one
half working cd player, my home 5 disc changer, and Mark’s portable cd player,
we setup to practice on Saturday.  After some practice and starting to pack
up the equipment and begin hauling it, Mercy called to verify our booking for
the night, and the place screwed up and we weren’t on the list!!  some guy
had been booked as well that same night, and no one told us.  good thing we
called before we went over there.  so our hopes shattered, we called around
a few places to see if we could get in, either the place wasn’t open, the
manager wasn’t in or whatever excuse.  so we gave up, and Mercy went home
and i just stayed where i was and took a nice nap.  Then Mercy calls all
excited and says she’s gotten us in at another club called the Silver Dollar.
alright, so we’re on.  i go get a vehicle, pack everything up, picked up
Mercy, and off we went to the silver dollar.  got there, only a few people
there.  it was early for a club though.  only about 8:00 pm.  i
started setting up all the equipment.  it was a nice place for us, we had a
stage and everything.  never played on a real stage before.  now, this
place was really big, especially compared to philly bistro.  so i cranked
my JBL’s up, and made sure we had plenty of noise to fill the room!  and
man they rocked on.  i didn’t even crank them all the way.  didn’t
skip a beat.  well.. except for some strange skips in I will survive that
Mercy sang, maybe the cd’s getting scratched up.  We just kinda faded the
music out and left it at that.  but other than that, my broken cd player
played on for the night, and i didn’t have to break out my backup unit. now, the
owner of this place has ties with other big clubs in the area.  he’s heard
her sing before at another place, and he likes her.  and from what i
understand, he wants us back at the silver dollar.  we just have to find
some appropriate music for the redneck crowd that hangs out there.
Hopefully, things will progress and we can get into some other clubs.  i
can hire some help and we can get a van and there’s a bit more equipment i want
to buy.  if i’m going to do something, i’m gonna do it right and it’s
pretty good right now, but not perfect.  anyway… if you only read one
thing in this whole rant/update i have, read this.  MARCH 16TH, 7:00PM
PHILLY BISTRO! yea, mercy called today and spoke with the manager, and it
turned out to be a big misunderstanding and all is well.  to make it up, he
put us in this Saturday.  and if all goes well, he even said the 30th as
well.  so we’ll see.  income is nice

with all that
went on the past week or two, i haven’t had much time to just relax and think.
i don’t have any new poetry, no new music.  i hate that.  not that i’m
not trying.  i haven’t even been posting here as much as I’d like to.
I’ve been frequenting www.blogwars.com and
reading their stuff, but its basically a bunch of losers who sit around and talk
about drugs and porn and just weird stuff.  not that its’ not funny and
interesting to read.  but then neither is this.  I’m listening to my
game music remixes collection. i want to do a remix.  i want to do some
music.  my keyboard wont talk to my fruity loops for some reason.  i
have a cd player sitting beside me that doesn’t work.  i have 2 guitars in
reaching distance and i’m not any better at guitar than i was a year ago.
who wants to know that i went grocery shopping today?  i got 2 packages of
breyers ice cream.  i’m about to have some too.  i had left over pizza
for supper.  my house is gradually getting cleaner.  i have laundry to
fold.  i hate folding laundry.  random thought time to entertain you
and me.  i have cables hanging from my keyboard and i have no use for them.
herzog zwei is one of my favorite genesis games.    man, some
guys making a herzog
zwei TC for UT? 
link about the game and
  i dont post enough links like i used to anymore.
i’m already disinterested in this and ready to move on to something else.
i haven’t balanced my checkbook for months.  i’m cold.  most of my
cd’s are neglected.  i like to work on the computer with the lights out.
i hate noise when i sleep.
dog kept me up for 2 hours last night because she was barking at some chickens
or roosters or something making noises somewhere.  i was 10 minutes late
for work today.  im not sure what will happen when my music conflicts with
my work.  i’m not sure how i will transport everything.  i’m ready for
my ice cream.  i used to listen to quackshot on the genesis as background
music for ultima’s martian dreams when i had a computer that didn’t have a sound
card.  i had a computer with no sound.  i still have 2 computers with
no sound.  wait, maybe 3.  the best fudge is at busch gardens, peanut
butter and chocolate fudge mix.  peanut butter and fudge ice cream is
weird.  but good.  i have a season pass to busch gardens and no one to
go with.  i wouldn’t be opposed to going by myself.  someone’s calling
me.  its Emily.  thats what i said. your mamma has testees.
i dont think frontpage has a correct spelling for testees.  steve’s better
at making ut maps than i.  i’m better at grammer than steve. i dont think
that was gramatically correct.  i have mispelled grammer or grammatically 4
times now.  this song sucks.  done with ice cream.  i have gotten
an email every 2 minutes now for like 30 minutes.    none of them
are relevant.  the best thing about living alone is control.  the
worst thing about living alone is living alone.  those two statements
collide.  the ideology anyway.    i still take Flintstones
vitamins.  i overdose on them every morning.  but my body is used to
it now.  i have low iron. i have lost 15 pounds since the last time i
weighed myself and i dont know how.  i didnt mean to lose weight.  i
think i have a tapeworm.  or some alien inside me (again).  i wrote a
story about a person with an alien inside them.  i read it at my writers
meeting years ago.  it was the most profane thing i’ve ever written.
i keep all my writings.  i keep a lot of things.  i used to keep
ketchup packets by the trash bag.  i used to keep paper towel tubes and
make things out of them.  now i keep silica gel packets.
how many random things can i come up with?  now do you know why i cant
sleep at night?  these things are going through my mind constantly.  i
can never finish a project.  i haven’t made a complete thought yet on here.
i sat down tonight when i got home to update my quicken info.  that was at
about 7:00 pm. quicken is still open on my computer, and it’s 10:08pm.  i
went to be bank last night at midnight to make a deposit.  we got $25 bucks
tip from our show at the silver dollar.  the cd player i just ordered is
$560.  i’m broke.  but i think it will get better.  i feel like
it’s an investment.  when i ever find a good girl for me, she will probably
be jealous of the money i spend.    then again, if she’s a good
girl for me, she wouldn’t.  i have erased several random thoughts while
writing this.  this post is going to rival my 9/11 post.  i had tons
of links that night.  i stayed up very very late collecting links on irc.
i posted them all here.  most are down now.  i still keep all the old
news i post on this site.  just no way for you to access it yet.  if
your really good, you could find it.  good luck.  ok, i’m done with
this. going to work on a ut map. i hope i entertained you for a bit.  write
me. i dont care what you say.  write
.  noone has written me about my page yet!!

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