A Christmas Beginning

by | Dec 1, 1994 | Stories | 0 comments

Once upon a time in a land far, far away filled with magic there lived a dragon by the name of Fred. Now, Fred had to be the worst looking creature there ever was. He had slimy, scaly skin which was a dark red. His neck was very long, and his tail even longer. He had wings on his back which let him fly anywhere he chose and his breath was the worst! He could breathe fire and roast anyones chicken or burn down a whole village.

Because of this, Fred was pretty lonely. He flew around the world constantly looking for a friend. Then, one day he found this little girl on the hillside. Her name was Sally. But, when Fred flew down to meet Sally, she was frightened and ran away. So, he hid behind a cloud and followed Sally to her house. Now, he knew where Sally lived.

Fred wanted to meet Sally very badly, he wanted a friend. But, Sally was frightened of him, so he thought long and hard of he could meet her. Finally, he had an answer. He would dress up in a disguise and go to her house.

Fred went through all his clothing chests to find the perfect disguise. Finally, he pulled out a large red coat and hat. He threw on the coat and put his wings under it. He also wrapped his tail around him and let it hang in front of him under the coat like a big belly. He put on the red hat so his ears wouldn’t get cold when he was flying.

Fred realized that he couldn’t just go to her house for no reason, so he decided that he would bring her a present. He took his favorite toy, put it in a box and wrapped it up so she wouldn’t know what was inside.

When he got outside and ready to go, he realized he woudn’t be able to fly because his wings were under his coat. So, he asked his friend Todd, the deer, to help him. He asked if he and his friends would pull a sleigh for him to ride in to Sallys house. Todd said he would and he gathered his friends and they all strapped themselves to the sleigh and ran off into the country. Todd said that his friends were tired, so Fred sprinkled a magic powder on them and up they went into the air and they flew the rest of the way.

When they finally got to Sally’s house, Fred got out and knocked on her door, but there was no answer. He tried to open it, but it was locked. So, Fred snuck up to the rooftop and found the chimney. He sprinkled another magic powder on himself and shrunk so he could fit down the hole.

He entered the house through the fireplace but didn’t see Sally. Everyone had already gone to bed. Fred went into Sally’s room and saw her laying there on the bed. She didn’t know he was there, and she was sleeping so soundly that Fred didn’t want to wake her up. He left the present on the floor with a note on it saying that he wants to be friends, gave her a kiss on
the cheek and left.

The next morning, Sally woke up and found the present and note. She was so excited that she wanted to meet Fred again and play together, so Fred came back to her house and they played on the hillside.

Fred had such a good time with Sally that day that he vowed to do this every year to all the children. And this is how Christmas came to be.