Monday, June 18, 2001

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just now
getting a chance to sit at the computer tonight.  i stayed up till 1:30 in
the morning on stupid irc chatlines.  it’s funny that as soon as i went
into #teen people were already posting their age and shit.  like they
haven’t read my article! ha!  i posted the link, but no one commented on
it.  i did meet a guy who can do some very
good artwork
, check out some of his stuff.  i told him maybe i’d
commission him to do some art for the site, what do you think?  While we’re
talking about art, check
this girl out
.  I saw her at a local anime convention recently, she had
a great costume, i think she even got first place.   she’s
the one in red
.  See the site where
that pic came from
, and other pics from the convention.

What’s more immature?  person a telling
person b that i’m writing about them on my site, or person b telling me to not
write about same said person?  this is my site, i write what i wanna
write.  it’s just another medium for me to chat with whoever.  just as
my old bbs was, lord knows the stuff i used to post on that
thing.    damn, i was gonna link to my basically bbs web page,
but i can’t find it!  doh!  that’s ok, i’ll post this
instead!  but anyway, it is not illegal for me to post that i may
or may not have a girlfriend.  in fact, i just changed it to may or may not
have a girlfriend to i’m currently single!   it would be illegal if i
said she inflated the stock of her work by sending false company emails and sold
the stock for a high profit, because that would be a lie.  just so, it
would not be illegal for me to post that i pretty much despise her now and want
to have nothing to do with her because she cheated, lied and betrayed me because
that is my personal opinion.  don’t worry, i’m not so bad.  i’ll try
not to mention any names, if i do they will be fake.  but if you are the
one who you feel it’s directed to, then you know who you are.  no one else
needs to know.  if people knew the true meanings behind some of my poetry
and stories, they would really be upset.  although a fair amount of them
mean absolutely nothing about any particular person.  in fact, a good
amount of them have nothing to do with my personal life at all.  i write
what i feel like writing.  do you really think that if i write a poem about
a lady being married because she was pregnant, that means i was pregnant and
going to get married?  i write what comes to mind.  and my job is to
make that sound good.  if i do not like a particular piece, i’ll trash
it.  but that’s the only reason.  hence, for future reference, do not
judge me by the things i write in my works.  you never know what i’m
writing about, if anything at all!