Sunday, June 24, 2001

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It’s been way
to long for me to not work on this site, sorry about that.  I have been
staying up late getting on chat lines and just trying to meet some people.
My favorite channel on irc is #teen because there’s always people talking and
it’s just entertaining to me.  Yes, I know I’m not a teen, I’m 4 years
(almost 5) older than teen, but I can still talk to the freaks!  I like
going in and just being weird, twisting around words, making people look like
fools and the like, you know, I’m just being myself.  This one guy posted
some rap song or something and i analyzed it like a mad scientist and made him
so mad.  some girl named sexy_15 came in after I had gotten everyone on a
roll of twisting everyone else around, someone says that she is a liar because
no 15 year old can be sexy.  so we got in a big argument about that, and i
told her that if she would send me her pic, and if i thought it was sexy, i
would post it on my site for the whole weekend, and she didn’t even
respond!  HA!  anyway, also, it helps to get involved with writing and
things, because for the longest time i didn’t write anything to anyone.  as
i said before, i hope my working on this website will change that.  I’ve
got some stories up, they are old, but maybe I’ll have some inspiration soon to
write something new!


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