Thursday, October 11, 2001

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this is just too
funny to pass up and post lots and lots of links.  If you don’t love
me for this, i dont know what else to do for you.   Everyone cultured
on the internet should have already discovered the Bert
Is Evil
site.  If not, looks like your too late, as of today, the
site’s index page says he is taking the site down.  Hmm, let me see if i
can find a mirror..Ok, here goes 😉  this mirror is working as of right
now, i can’t guarantee how long it will work though. 
check out bert is evil mirror.
    Ok, now, we have
established the fact that Bert is evil.  Who else is evil?  At one
time, Microsoft
was more evil than satan himself.
    and I’m so glad front
page is kind and knowledgeable enough to tell me that satan is supposed to be capitalized.
so, I’m leaving it as satan.  there.  anyway, so who is more evil than
Microsoft?  Well, Bin Laden of course!!  Right now, anyway.
Henceforth, what better duo in this evil world could we have than Bert and Bin
Laden??  Yep, that would be cool, but apparently our worst fears have been
realized.  Yep,  to quote a Yahoo news article:

Mysteriously, the image made the jump from the virtual world to the real one,
appearing on bin Laden placards at anti-American Muslim rallies in Bangladesh
over the past week.
The posters, which show a tiny Bert tucked between two images of bin Laden,
were clutched by seemingly unsuspecting demonstrators at rallies on October 5
and 9.

So, want my cool searching abilities to shine through?
Here is my collection of links i’ve found on this.  Notice my notes on some
of them, it appears that there is a discrepancy as to who actually created this
picture, and also as to who started the Bert Is Evil site.


– this guy claims to be the one who created the picture, according to the
site.  his name on the site is J-roen.

news :

-hmmm this particular site quotes the dude at bert is evil as admitting that he
created the picture.  it lists the bert is evil page to be at
however, but it does look like a mirror of the site.  this site quotes

 The site’s Canadian creator says the photo on the poster was taken from his
Web site. “That’s the exact same photo,” Dennis Pozniak told The Post
from Edmonton, Alberta.
Pozniak, 20, said he altered and posted the picture of bin Laden in 1998, but
took it off the Web site shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks after complaints
poured in.

– while this one says that he did NOT create it.  but, it also these
articles are talking about two different people!  hmmm  To quote
this article:  Part of the mystery can be traced to California.

A San Francisco artist, Dino Ignacio, in 1998 started a conspiratorial spoof site called “Bert is Evil,” in which Bert is inserted into famous historical photos.

He has appeared alongside Adolph Hitler and among a crowd in Dallas as John F. Kennedy’s motorcade passes.

Ignacio put a statement on his site,, on Wednesday denying he was the creator of the Bert and bin Laden image.

“I just wanted to say I had nothing do to with this!” the statement reads. “This image has been e-mailed to me countless times since September 11. Yesterday a lot of you alerted me to a picture of a Taliban propaganda poster with Bert!”

–  Of course, you must get the

– i have no idea what this site says on it, but it has a pic of the poster.,2100,47450,00.html

– I love wired.

– Conspiracy theories are neato.  This site claims that there is actually a
picture put out by the AP where these news pics come from that has been edited
to take Bert OUT!  hmmm   This site has lots of information and
links and pics and things so have fun.

– Here’s a great discussion on the news/discussion site Plastic.

– Disney Vs. Makkah??

– Rumor site that does some dirty work to see if popular rumors are true or not.

– OK, this is a post from some guy back in 1999 saying that Osama had appeared
in a Sesame Street show on PBS once.  The links to the pics didn’t work for
me, maybe they’re overloaded now.  This guy also goes on to say that Osama
really doesn’t exist!!

Lets throw in some other humorous links
while we’re at it!!

– gesh, someone has way too much time on their hands.  here’s lots of ways
to get lots of numbers out of the WTC stuff.

– edited pics of osama and his buddies

– this sites Osama’s hate page, lots of pics