Saturday, November 10, 2001

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Morning! 😉  I finally got my pictures back from our con trip!!! Yea!! I
have hence begun work on my very own con report for NekoCon 2001!!!  Check
it out.  umm i guess i will put it under the Articles section.
How’s that?  Theres only one thing there now anyway, it needs
company.  eheh  Please look at it, i spent a good deal amount of time
and energy in getting these pictures and providing this info to you.  Read
it, look at the nice pics.  Click on my banner ads! Better yet, buy one
of these crazy t-shirts from tshirthell.  BTW, today, i just received
word on a new shirt in stock!!  Here’s a quote:  Just a quick e-mail
to let everyone know that we have put a few new shirts up including one for all
you UNIX people out there (rm -rf /bin/laden).


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