Tuesday, November 13, 2001

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Ok, if your just
dumb then quit reading.  evidently your dumb cuz your still reading this
though.  anyway, i just made a section for con reports on the links
there.  so the con report for nekocon is there.  still working on
it!  lots of pictures, i have 3 pages done so far.  new november
poetry will be appearing in just a few minutes as soon as i can post it.
i’ve decided to quit school.  its not my responsibility to teach the class
just because i know more than anyone else.  i’m going to learn just like
everyone else is, but i aint learning a thing.  ahh well.  lets me
concentrate on more important thingies.  one of my favorite quotes this
week has got to be ‘are you the one who wrote that perverted song?’ (or
something like that) from a lady in cali.  ahh i have fans.  anyway,
hi jessica if you ever get your computer running again. i swear i didn’t put
that virus on it 😉  i actually want to make my latest poem into a song,
but no luck yet.  i have found a few good synths, but i need a good program
to generate some nice warm pad sounds.  i have found some, but i want a
free one!!  anyway….  hmm i’m really trying to update more.. so what
can i say?… ah.. i have had some pretty strange dreams.  i almost hate a certain
person for calling me early saturday morning and disrupting it.  it was so
sensual, yet it was nothing sexual about it.  sorry, i can’t explain
it.  but i had the love of my life literally (i hate that word) in the palm
of my hand and i chose not to come out of the dream world just yet, so we stayed
a little longer.  problem is, we never came back out together …. at least
it’s better than the nightmares i had been having recently.  i don’t think
anything’s as bad as having the depths of hell come after you in one dream, you
get murdered in another dream, and you just have this overwhelming feeling that
another dream is going to turn out very badly when it suddenly ends.  and
to top it all off, all three of those dreams were in one night!!  what is
going on with me?  i’d love to have a dream recorder.  i’d pay lots of
cash for it.  problem is i dont have lots of cash. i’d love to be able to
remember my dreams better.  i really do love my dreams.  and i just
simply dont have bad dreams.  so it was pretty disturbing to have all these
bad dreams i have been having recently.  i have had bad dreams.  just
none in a looong time.