Monday, November 26, 2001

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ohhhhh yea so you know you’ve been playing video games too long when you see the
first Christmas decorations in your town and the first thing you think of is
Shenmue at Christmas time.  for those not in the know, shenmue 2 has been
cancelled in the us for dreamcast.  it has been moved to an xbox
exclusive.  when i get rich again, i’ll buy an xbox.  and i might just
have to buy a ps2 so i can play the final fantasy series.  speaking of
dreamcast, here’s a great dc emulation site:  consolevision.
it amazes me how these guys can figure out how to program that little box.
there’s even emu’s for the ps2 now.  and what’s the point of buying a
gameboy advance when you can get the games and an emulator online?  i am
into emulation, but i’m more into the collecting part of it.  i like to
have the old old arcade games.  pacman, tron, asteroids.  i like to be
able to play them and not have to pay 25 cents a pop.  plus, there are
quite a few new games on the emu scene.  the ones that use the custom 3d
hardware aren’t emulated yet.  but i’m sure it will be one day.  the
whole n64 emulator on the dreamcast was a joke.  the neogeo emu was a
joke.  i was there on the showdown that night with the supposed n64 emu
author.  it was a good show, and entertaining for sure. i got all the irc
logs.  however, there is a mame project for the dc, and mame does neo
geo.  neogeo was a great system, and snk made some great games, too bad
they recently went out of business.  i’d like to get an old sega saturn to
play bomberman, ecco the dolphin, knights, and that dragon saga or something or
another.  last neogeo system i saw was at the anime con here in durham.
and there’s an arcade neogeo system that has 4 games on it in a restaurant in
henderson.  and i fell in love with the game windjammers at some place in
zebulon.  but we wont talk about that.  arcades arent what they used
to be. i remember going to spring lake, no… something lake here in nc a long
time ago with a friend and his family.  they had a warehouse full of arcade
games.  now, there’s really nothing.  there’s only 2 i know of, one at
crabtree mall and one at adventure landing, a putt putt place in raleigh.
plus they’re so expensive now.  i think the last time i played an arcade
game was one of the dungeon and dragons series in crabtree with me and a
friend.  we actually beat the game, go us!  now, when i want to beat a
arcade game, i download it, play it and just keep hitting f1 to simulate a coin
drop!  so i helped steve some on a new ut map, just did some rearranging to
one of the rooms.  maybe he’ll have a release soon.  i’ve been too
busy with my music and stuff recently to do anything else.  just making
sure everything is perfect for saturday night.  i bought a bunch of plastic
containers tonight to put all my crap in.  i still need a fold up table,
and i want 2 little stands to put these huge 90pound speakers on, but no luck
yet.  i want a dimmable light for my dj table and a fan.  i want to
learn to mix beats, realtime.  i thought tonight of a way to get fruity
loops into playing 2 instances of winamp. hmmm  the timing would be too
terrible though.  i really like my new song.  i rarely really like
something i make, i’m too critical.  but it still needs more work.
dont worry, i know it ends too abruptly 😉  hmm i need to write some
poetry. just cuz i haven’t in a while.   ok i gotta test steve’s new