Tuesday, February 5, 2002

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If you like
techno, dance music and you like video games, check out
Lots of remixed game music on there, all very good.  So what’s my story
today?  Well, I went to get my hair cut.  My step-mom’s going to
school for cosmetology and she does a mighty fine job.  check out my new do
on the cam.  She even cooked some supper for me, its rare i get a nice
cooked meal anymore.  And to top off all the excitement of this food and my
new haircut, i just had to have a tragedy happen.  going down the road and
i must of hit a damn hole or something in the road and instantly had a flat
tire.  or maybe it just decided to blow on its own.  i was trapped.
i pulled over beside some old barn and called the roadside assistance.
paying all this money for this new Sebring, i’m gonna use it if i got it.
so i did and the lady was asking where i was at, and i told her i didn’t know, i
was driving and it just happened.  i gave her an approximate of where i
was, and they took all my info and all that jazz and had their so smart computer
call me back and tell me how long it would be before someone would get there.
35 minutes.  so i waited and waited.  and i thought you know, if i
really wanted to i could have done it myself in 35 minutes.  but it was so
cold, i had my work clothes on and my new shoes and gonna get a haircut and eat
some food and all that jazz and i was gonna use my newfound help from this car
deal.  so the guy arrived and did his thing and that was that.

its getting close to valentines day, and each day of my
miserable life that i check the yahoo personals it kindly reminds me how many
more days it is to valentines day.    like the race is on or
something.  and as i continue with my pathetic little soul searching
adventure to personals.theonion.com
and www.dreammates.com and
www.kiss.com and
www.friendfinder.com and so on and so
forth its like you have to have a partner for valentines day.  not because
you are gonna be lonely, or whatever other reason there could be to remind you
of how much of a failure you are, but because if you don’t have a date for
valentines, you won’t be buying any cards, going out to eat, sending flowers.
its all a corporate sponsorship now.  as long as you have a partner on
valentines, you must buy something.  and its evolved so much into other
things like buy her a new car, buy him a new truck,
buy her a
nice stereo system
.. I’ve gotten so many emails of a special on this for
valentines and you can win this for valentines.  blow it.  reminds me
of a show i watched recently on pbs about how the American culture is changing
because of media and corporations.  basically it all comes down to those
who hate the mainstream stuff delve into their own little worlds.  get
interested in strange bands, only watch certain tv shows, listen to certain
music because that makes them different.  and being a part of that group
that listens to so and so band is a feeling of togetherness with all the others
who listen to said band.  your own little family of people who don’t want
to have a family.  all these kids who will no longer listen to parents and
situational tv shows and teachers and things because they are mainstream.
turns out, in the end to get a message across to a kid, it must be corporate
sponsored.  saving the planet is not cool, but MTV saving the planet is
cool and if i could pick up some trash while listening to puff daddy rap or do
what ever it is he calls what ever it is that he does then that’s all right.