Sunday, February 10, 2002

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a few new bookmarks
have been added to my favorites in IE tonight,
pouet is a French site dedicated to the demo scene, but don’t worry, most of it
is in English!  scenemusic is a streaming radio station that plays music
from the demo/tracked scene.  but what’s so cool is it’s awesome interface.
you can request songs and view most popular songs and all sorts of stuff.
makes me want to redesign my entire web site.  😉  also, check out this is the flash of demo
coders.  nice demos on here, and if i can figure how to create some of
these things, I’ll make something one day.  I’ve always wanted to learn
flash and put a rendition of my nightly dreams online.  but realistically,
i don’t know flash, and realistically i wouldn’t do it every day, and
realistically, I’m not artistic.  i just have ambitions.