Sunday, February 24, 2002

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Winter Olympics
have finally come to a close tonight.  If you didn’t
watch the closing ceremonies you missed a really great show.  It would have
been such an experience to be there.  This year, i followed the Olympics
more so than in any other year and i have to admit i got a bit excited quite a
few times.  Its amazing to me to watch some of these people who are
teenagers compete and win against people from all over the world.  I
watched Thursday night Sarah Hughes’s figure skating competition and was really
pulling for her. The expression on her face as she landed her first jump was
just unforgettable and really showed her emotions there.  and with each
successive jump, twist and turn she made her face lit up as she knew she just
gave the best performance she could possibly give.  The burden that was
placed on the remaining skaters that night must have been very heavy, each fell
once during their performance.  and even though Sarah was not
expecting to win at all, it was very fitting for her to get the gold that night.

Michelle Kwan
is such a beautiful and talented skater and it was sad to see
her lose the gold medal given her circumstances.  But, as everyone said,
she showed respect and grace to her competitors and accepted her medal and that
in itself is a sign of a good sport.  The closing ceremonies are off the TV
now for the local news, but as soon as they come back on, I’m on it.  I
just had to crank my stereo system up when Bon Jovi came on and played in the
middle of the giant snowball fight and the ice that was splattered with
florescent paint.  Those dinosaurs were really neat, but could you imagine
sitting in the stadium not knowing you had these huge creatures looming over
your head and you turn around to see one of them looking you in the eye?
gesh!  If i was athletic i would be inspired watching these guys.  but
I’m not.  as athletic as i get is saying I’m going to buy a bike and start
riding or that I’m going to start running.  I used to run a lot and i even
thought of taking up track in high school.  but for some reason i didn’t.
probably cuz i figured i wasn’t good enough.  story of my life.  one
of my thoughts still linger on.  i watched Sarah take the gold medal and
knew she was not expectnig to win it.  she did, and she’s now the best.
she worked 16 years to take the chance to go there, and she did and she won.
but now what?  its sad to me to think that i’ve worked for so long to
accomplish something and then i’m suddenly beating everyone to it.  what do
you do then?  she’s going to do tours around the country at local venues.
but so young in life and already have achieved something that people work
decades on.  i wonder if she’ll be in Greece next time.