Tuesday, September 24, 2002

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ok, the
mourning period has lost it’s fadness.    If you’re at all
interested, come see me and Mercy at Front Row in Wake Forest, NC on Saturday,
Sep 28 2002 starting at about 8:00 pm and lasting prob till midnight.
you’ll enjoy it.  really.  Of course, Mercy’s the talent.  i just
make her sound good 😉  eheh yea.  working on transferring the last
show to computer this week.  working on a solution to my transportation
problems.  taking my mom out for her birthday.  went out tonight with
a friend.  it’s 11:11 pm.  aint got any recording done yet.
tomorrow i take my car to get some modifications done oooo.  my baby.
getting a trailer hitch, and getting a trailer.  no more renting and
borrowing vehicles.  as you can tell my life is just busy now.  hard
to be in the mood to write here.  but all of a sudden after this coming
Saturday, it will all be very boring again ahh well.  planning on going to
busch gardens sometime in the near future.  ok, i actually have some
pictures i want you to see.  check them out at this link for now:

  enjoy.  I’ll fix
them up better one of these days.  aha right.