Tuesday, November 5, 2002

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I think this has
become a site “of interest to me at the time” what with all the cool links i’m
interested in.  dammit.  i know you come here for my opinions.
my insights.  my bullcrap.  but my problem is that i have so many.
ok, i’ll try one.  today was voting day.  I don’t vote so that i can
increase the percentage of people who don’t vote.  it’s my protest against
the politicians.  the liars, money grabbers, lobbyists.  a person said
to me today vote for this guy because he won’t raise taxes.  the american
people are always asking for more and more programs.  things.  give my
kids this at school.  we need more books.  more schools.  i want
a cheaper education.  i want my trash picked up off the side of the road.
this pothole in the street is ruining my car.  we should aid the people
whose homes were destroyed in the hurricane.  we need more cultural arts
programs.  workers need a raise.  teachers need to quit buying school
supplies out of pocket.  blah blah blah.  but people expect these
things to get done, and to continue the current programs and salaries without
raising taxes.  how exactly is that supposed to happen?  laws aren’t
passed based on the majority vote.  they are based on the vote of a bunch
of old people who sit downtown who wave their hands and who stand to clap when
one of those old people get up and makes a statement so loud they run out of
breath.  they plaster all their signs all over the place, littering.
i dont care.  is the person with the most signs supposed to win?  is
the person with the biggest sign supposed to win?  on the signs, it does
not list their positions on things.  it does not list if this is a good
person or not.  it says vote for me.  ooo well, there ya go.  ok,
i’ll vote for you.  but beside you is your competitor who says vote for
him. hmmm,,,, what to do?  i would definitely vote if i could vote online.
but, i want to see the positions of the runners.  side by side.  by a
third party.  each politician says on their ads how much the other
politicians suck.  that’s not information i can use to base a vote on.
just like a high school homecoming queen, we’re voting for what people say,
who’s popular, not based on the real issues this person is supposed to be
representing.  i have no clue what the people represent.  all i know
is what they did wrong because that’s all the ads are on tv.  i’m not going
to vote when i have to choose the lesser of two evils.  if i feel strongly
for a person who will get something done, who is not corrupt, who is a down to
earth good person, then maybe i’d vote for him.  all the politicians i’ve
ever met have been ass kissers.  and it pisses me off.  they kiss ass
all the way up to the top.  they get so high up they just sit in an office
somewhere, talking to reporters, saying yah or neigh to stupid things like to
have cream in the coffee or not.  i’ll give you some cream in your coffee.
i want to be able to say i want so and so percent of my tax dollars to go to
this program.  i want a list of every program and thing my taxes are used
for.  i want to be able to rate them from 1 to 10 on the matter of
importance it is to me.  then have my tax dollars distributed
appropriately.  the programs people dont demand, deal with it.  you
get what you get.  the people can’t complain that the government is being
unfair to programs, because the people gave them what they wanted to give them.
lobbying puts democracy out of the publics hands.  it’s who you know, and
how much you got.  that’s not the way of a just life.  hence, i dont
vote.  and yes, i’m registered.