Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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are you watching
24 this season?  really exciting, really gets me going.  catch it, fox
Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm.   I received my new
Groovelily cd today.  and as i
expected, it’s awesome too.  and I was really hyped when i saw all the band
members had personally signed the cd!  very awesome too.  Now, i have
2 cd’s signed by them, the first i picked up at one of their shows a few months
ago and asked them to sign.  check them out.  They’ll be back in Cary,
NC at the Six String Cafe and Music Hall January 30, 2003.
www.sixstringcafe.com.  While
I’m plugging, the last artist i saw there was the wonderful
Allyson Light.
If you like Tori Amos, you’ll like Allyson.  Although I don’t like to
compare artists like that.  each artist is different.  Allyson has
lots of talent, awesome piano, great lyrics and melody.  be sure to see her
live.  I’m sorry to say Allyson, but I picked up Water at your show (and
got a signature, thanks 😉 ) and it doesn’t do you justice.   Allyson
will be performing at the Berkley Cafe in Raleigh December 6, 2002.  She’ll
be opening for another artist, Alex Bach.
Show starts at 9:30.    i’ll be there, maybe, i’ll try.  oh
yea, ok i just went to the web site for Alex, and yea, i’m pretty sure i’m going
now 😉  plug plug plug, I took a road trip last night all the way to Chapel
Hill just to see a movie.  But, extremely awesome movie, i’ve had to travel
to 2 theaters i’ve never even heard of before just to see this movie.  Yes,
i’ve seen it twice.  Spirited Away.
By the wonderful Hayao Miyazaki, same guy of Princess Mononoke fame, another of
my favorite movies.    Spirited Away is the number 1 grossing
movie in Japan.  Ever.  Besting Titanic, Star Wars, whatever.
Spirited Away is #1.  Here, it only plays in small unknown independent
theaters.  Despite the gracious efforts of Disney to present this movie in
the US. This really outlines the major differences between our cultures.
In a land where business men are more likely to be seen riding the subway
reading manga (think comic books) than the newspaper.  Here in America,
i’ve seen the movie twice, and each time, i was one of no more than 20 people in
the theater.   it’s not advertised.  not admitted.  deemed
unfit because it’s a cartoon.  Americans don’t appreciate art apparently.
I have more animated movies than live action in my DVD collection.  I’ve
been to anime cons (check the con reports link to view some great pics!) to
spend 3 whole days of viewing anime.  And i’m not just stuck on anime.
The Simpsons also hold a dear place in my funny bone.  As do classics from
the Bugs Bunny family.  Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry.  Mad Magazine.
I still subscribe to Wired magazine mainly for the great artwork although I
could read all the articles online for free.