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here here, i agree
completely.  smoking
 I left my last girl because of it.  the smell is nasty.
it makes you stink.  it makes people around you stink.  i can smell it
on you after you sneak away to smoke and you dont think anyone knows.
browsing the wonderful jinx site, i’d
also like to point out this.
aint no way
i’d do that.  Screw
game developers should release their games as they see fit.  walmart wont
carry them, but ebgames,,, babbages, whatever
tickles your pinky will carry them, make the stores lots of money and wal mart
wont get a penny cuz the customers will go where they need to go to get the
games.  maybe then when walmart looses their 25% share on game sales will
they wisen up and let developers do their job and develop.

screw the little kids
and their extremist ways too.  screw the people
who go

tipping.   screw the

women and their evil
intentions.  a system made 20 years ago was
a challenge to
recover a ‘timecapsule’
project?  makes you wonder about digital
archival.  monopoly
has a
recruits brainwash kids
.  recruiting kids is not a business.  it’s
a choice that needs to be made by a clear minded individual who knows and
understands all risks and consequences of joining the military.
Like arcade machines?  Oooo
looks like DDR 8th mix is out soon according to them.