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still recovering. but i’m alive. For those who don’t have a clue, my area received a huge ice storm last Wednesday night. my power went off right around midnight Wednesday night. i lit some candles, played some guitar, and then went to bed. i awoke to a very cold house, and as it continued to get colder, i decided against roughing it and went to my dads. who has a fireplace and a generator. i packed up a huge backpack of clothes, magazines, water, food, camera equipment and the like and walked to his house. on the way, i took lots of pictures which i will be working on posting here as soon as i can. and it wasn’t until quite a while of me doing photos for documentary sake and arts sake that i realized i had been stepping all over a power line. apparently and luckily it was disconnected at both ends. The trees all swayed into the road, taking the power lines with them. all around me was the popping snapping sounds of trees breaking and falling. at that point, i knew i was going to be out of power for quite some time. if just my immediate area was like this, it must be far worse elsewhere. got to my dads, and me and my dad went walking and i took more pics. we walked his woods and saw all the damage to the trees. got depressed, and walked back, and Marie (my stepmom) had cooked up some food on the fireplace. we ate and watched the news (tv on generator) and just lounged around. nothing else to do. that night, power came on at about 10:00 pm. i was watching tv, and noticed the clocks coming on and the answering machine start. cool, but i hadn’t seen anyone come fix the power lines. 30 minutes later it went back off. well, ok, to make a long story short, it came back on saturday night about 8 or so. we washed clothes and things like that while we had power, they still hadn’t come to fix the down line yet. not quite sure how we had power, but we did. and it continued to stay on. i ended up leaving today around 3 pm. sat and sun was full of chainsawing and picking up and hauling and the like. i counted 6 truckloads of limbs we hauled in the truck, and maybe another 10 full we moved by hand. trees are very heavy to move especially when covered in ice. the most exercise i’ve had all year maybe. well, im thankful i have power now. i can come back home and clean my house, wash clothes, take a hot shower and eat a good meal. i think i’ll even sleep naked tonight just cuz i can