Monday, March 3, 2003

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I’m off to see the
toad.  the wonderful toad in myrtle beach. this weekend is my road trip
down south as i travel to see Toad The Wet Sprocket.  Also, incoming news
on some other favorite artists.  On April 25,
Mike Corrado will be playing at the Six
String Cafe and Music Hall.  Also, on
April 11, also at the Six String,
Christine Havrilla
and Amber
will be performing.  And finally, on April 12, the
Tori Tribute will occur in Carrboro
once again.
This years Tori fest will feature Christine and Amber mentioned before, plus the
talented Allyson Light who will also
be performing at the Six String on April 10!  wow, small world!  Oh,
and congratulations goes out to the awesome band
Down By Avalon for also being
mentioned in this paragraph!! whootah!  Be sure to check out their website
as they’ve kindly offered a great song for you to download, performed live
recently at The Cave.  well uh
make that as soon as they put the file on the server!! hurry up freak boy!