I keep reading these
interesting articles about our impeding war with Iraq.  But, they aren’t
about what Bush just said or what France just vetoed.  I’m more about the
psychological parts, the cultural parts of the war aspect. From the Eiffel Tower
stabbing Homer Simpson right through the heart on tonight’s Simpson’s to middle

brothels gearing up for US soldiers
, it’s a
different tune these days.

people of Baghdad
are preparing for war.  It has created a class of the
haves and the have nots.  Or the ones
with money to flee
and the ones who can not
.  Iraq is
arresting people
they fear could start an uprising.  Our own and our

allies troops are feeling the pressures
of the war.  They continue a
tradition of
messages into bombs
and missiles.  There are people who’ve risked their
lives (and
now lost
) to deploy themselves in Iraq to deter a war.  This war may


are protesting the war.

Washington DC

San Francisco

Mexico City
.  And a new wave has hit to protest in the
Americans have taken a
to the French
.  They’re already preparing troops for the
reality of death.
I wonder if all this was also the case during the earlier wars.  You’d
think if someone found the

reincarnation of God,
they wouldn’t chop him up and sell him for food.