Tuesday, March 18, 2003

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First shots
fired in the new war
.  Saddam has reportedly given pre-authorization to
all iraqi commanders to use chemical weapons while France has said any use of
chemical weapons against the US and allies force will result in France changing
their mind and supporting the war. How do you be a journalist in a country where
no one is
allowed to talk about politics?

One older woman from Baghdad
explained through a bus window that while she believed that the United States
would not hurt civilians, Saddam would not hesitate to do so.”  So
how did that reporter get into Iraq?
The old
fashioned way.
    But it looks like the police and otherwise
supposedly opposing parties didn’t mind him sneaking into Iraq.  In fact,
they wanted to help him.  want a get rich quick scheme?  The
rebuilding of Iraq after we bomb the hell out of it will be partly done by

private contractors who win bids offered by our government.
people worry about rioting in America when war sets loose.  Maybe you
should be
worried about the war protestors instead.