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i wanted everyone to be sure they saw the video for download.  yea thats my excuse.  stay tuned for more!  Special thanks to Marshall and Marsha for the complete surprise visit the other week.  I was sitting there during our show at Front Row, I look up and i saw Marshall and Marsha just entering the door.  And i kinda thought, oh, marshall’s here.  then i thought, wait a minute, marshalls here?  what the hell?  For those of you who dont know, Marshall is my good friend ex coworker who now lives in Boone, NC.  Mind you Boone is about what 4, 5 hours or so from here?  and here he comes waltzing in the other night out of the blue.  pretty sweet.  So, Marshall and Marsha talked me into ‘doing lunch’ saturday, hence that we did and it was good to hang out again and meet Marsha and associated friends.  This past weekened, easter weekend, i played more FFX on Friday, my friend Scott came over Friday night, took him home at noon and went immediately to pretzel boys house for a day long adventure with pretzelboy, berb and sue.  Mall, putt putt, supper at Warehouse and back to the crib for a movie.  Sunday, i took the chance to work in my yard, mow grass that sort of stuff since it was a nice day.    ended up not doing any sound work this weekend.  sorry not in a creative mood now