what next?

by | Nov 3, 2003 | General | 0 comments

I haven’t forgotten about you. i’ve wrestled for the past few weeks about how to continue this page. this just wont fit. that just wont do. i criticize this work here that you may consider insignificant to the point i didn’t want to post things i wanted to post because it wouldn’t fit after the previous entries. I wanted to post about my REM concert i went to. About the Down By Avalon concert i went to. About the new friends i’ve made. About trials and tribulations, my house’ pour sanitation. i’d rather sleep than clean recently, although i did make some progress earlier today. about the upcoming trip to Nekocon in Virginia Beach this coming weekend. I wanted my next post to be a big bang. like announcing a new video or other kind of work on this site. but alas there is none works in progress, they will appear in due time this should be the turnover point. i’ll think of something next.