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by | Aug 30, 2004 | General | 1 comment

Photo’s of protests today in New York City.
There’s this guy who took his bicycle, attached a wireless device to it, and a bunch of chalk. You can send the bike messges through his website and as he rides his bike around the convention this week, it will automatically write onto the sidewalk whatever you want! Problem is he has already been arrested!
More photos can be found in the newswire here, just change the category in the top right to Protests, Resistance and Direct Action

not to mention the ending of the 2004 olympics, if the olympics don’t inspire you to do great things then you’re doomed to laziness. In the end, you see all the athelets come out into the stadium, and they have camera’s and video cameras and things. You’ll find plenty of stories and pictures from people that live there, or are atheletes, or maybe they’re there working the games if you search google for it.