The Majors

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Good friend Jonathan Hawkins film studies has forced him to undertake a more true to life short than the little stuff we’ve been doing ourselves.  So, here comes the multiple thousands of dollars German made Arriflex 16 from Arri.  16mm film camera, some more info on the camera can be found here, I couldn’t find a really good page for this camera, as the camera is over 40 years old now.

I’d have to say the first step in making a film is to insert the film.  Jonathan and Alison both had a class on how to load the film and use the camera, however, it ended up taking almost 2 hours to get the camera to a working on position.

Click just here for a more of a small picture snippet report –

Unlike our previous self inflected ventures, Jonathan already had a storyboard.

Here’s me, the vacuum salesman.

Alison and Jonathan prepare for the scene.

Until Alison finds a major flaw in the story and Alan kicks the camera.

Gansta Style

John filmed for the making of special edition movie, when he wasn’t too busy being a movie star.


We tried to get Kitt to star in the movie for cool poses like Alan’s, but the car was unavailable. 

Alison helps with the technical details such as focus and lighting, and Jonathan played Mr. Director.

John’s house is yet again the setting for a worldwide released movie.

Well I’m not giving the ending away!!  At least we didn’t scare Alison away already.

You can find lots more pictures at my photostream.  WARNING, viewing those photo’s contains spoilers.  If you don’t want to know the story, don’t click.  Now, with filming complete, it has to be developed, scanned and edited.  Will post again when it comes back from post production!