Nekocon 2006

by | Nov 19, 2006 | General | 0 comments

Thanks to everyone who has viewed my photo’s from Nekocon 2006 and many other things, just 2 weeks after my trip to Nekcon, my flickr photostream views move than doubled.  I’m now right at 7,859 photos and 21,355 views.  This is my favorite set of anime con pictures, maybe I’m finally figuring out this picture taking thing.  I had many people tell me great picture, or asking for me to take their picture, or saying how envious they are of my camera (Fujifilm S7000) and even one guy that was upset because he used to have a camera just like mine but lost it.  Anyway, here’s some of my personal favorites from the trip.

20061104_087_edit 20061105_013 20061104_321 20061104_319 20061104_293 20061104_287 20061104_243 20061104_175 20061104_156 20061104_125 20061104_137 20061104_085 20061104_061 20061104_025 20061104_003