point of no return

by | Dec 13, 2006 | General | 0 comments

there’s this area of time where there’s 2 possible dimensions.  a time before and a time after.  and at some point there is a distinction between the two.  a distinction so great that the two times would not be possible to reunite.  the space shuttle on an outward journey, and it’s out of fuel.  a half bloomed rose just before the frost.  an expensive non refillable ink pen that’s starting to fade.  where you just paid $30,000 for a new car, and then drive it off the lot.  Something happens that tips the scales where either what’s coming ahead is far greater, where you can’t go back, or maybe you dont want to go back because it’s that bad.  when you’ve realized it wouldn’t be possible to still have feelings for someone after knowing what’s going on.  well i guess there’s another one for me.