Tonight, I wrote a little something to a blogger that is currently 93 years old.  Take some time to read his site, the link is below.  I’ve posted my comments here as they give a little insight into myself also.

You’ve been dugg, i’m sure you already realize that by now.
I’m 29 years old myself. I do not have a ‘fear’ of dying, I don’t think. I mean, I fear being in pain, being in a bad situation, being in a trajedy that would cause me to die. But death itself, I don’t know that I fear. However, I DO fear the things that are left undone. The things that I still want to do, feel like I need to do. I fear dying alone. I fear that I may not accomplish what I want to accomplish, that I will not be remembered, or that my existance will not matter to anyone. I wish you well on your journey, whatever accomplishments you still feel like you need to do. You will be remembered, here in the online world at least. And your words do matter to thousands of people.
Take care