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I guess the saying that if you die in your dream you die for real is wrong. Or perhaps I didn’t die in my dream for some reason. I don’t remember the circumstances, but I remember being outside a car kneeling down on the ground. There was someone in the car, and they had the door propped open and I was trying to get them out. A cop and his cop car were behind me and he was trying to get them out too. I guess the person in the car (i think it was a woman) was in some bad trouble, but I can’t remember what. And I was helping to get them out. Well, it appeared that the person was starting to get out of the car, but in reality she reached around the door and shot me point blank in the chest. I immediately woke up. I felt so bad, I was sweating, I just really was surprised that I woke up and everything was actually OK.
I’ve had bad dreams before where something was going to happen. Like someone chasing me. And I knew when they got me they would kill me. Or falling and I knew when I hit i’d die. Things like that. But I’ve always been able to wake up before it happens. Before the person catches me, or just before I hit, or whatever. I mean those are scary as hell. I have to try and wake myself up. I attempt to scream, but as you know I’m sure you can’t scream in your sleep. I then try to move, but being in a sleeping state no matter how hard I try I usually just can’t move. I can usually end up breathing really heavy and making odd sounds until I can wake myself up by the noise. I hate those feelings, those are my nightmares. This time was different, it was all of a sudden, and it just happened. Just like that. No warning, no attempt to wake up before it happened, it was already done. Not sure what it means. Maybe I need to go eat at my favorite chinese restaurant and see, my fortune cookies are always right.