Old Wheels

by | Oct 7, 2007 | General | 0 comments

The first car I ever owned was a 1987 Plymouth Horizon.  I think the year is right.  My dad bought it for me from some crappy local used car lot.  It was blue, a 4 door with a hatchback.  Same body style as the Dodge Omni.  Anyway, I drove that thing like crazy back in high school until finally the engine died one day, put it in some shop to have the engine rebuilt.  It never did work right after that I thought.  I found some guy in school that wanted to buy it, so I sold it for like 500 bucks to him, he bought it, drove to his place in Raleigh and it broke down that night.  *sigh*  I offered to pay to get it fixed, and he decided he just wanted his money back.  so that he did, and I took the car back.  I ended up with my dads old car after he got a new one, and parked the little horizon in the yard, saying i’d fix it up.  That was like 10-15 years ago or so?  I don’t know, a long time.  And guess where it is today?  Right in my backyard being used to collect rust I guess.  If I can ever find the title to it I’ll sell it to a junk yard or something.  I did drive it to where it rests, but it hasn’t had any love for years and years.

Plagiarized from myself.