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Yesterday played racquetball for the first time.  Had a great time, and as soon as I can move again I’m sure we’ll play again. Went to a movie earlier today, cleaned up the house some, acquired a new web site customer.  Went shopping tonight, picked up some things, including what I’m listening to right now which is John Denver.  I went looking for Eisley but didn’t have it.  Since it’s not in the top 10 songs on the charts I’m sure walmart has never heard of them. 

I’ll be attending Nekocon this year in November, hope to see you there.  Considering buying a new camera before that, looking at the Canon XTi.  Hmm I just got a text message saying I have a new match on hotornot.  Hi there.  Anyway, I bought some animation software about a month ago and have yet to be able to figure the damn thing out.  I’d love to make some movies and share.  In due time I guess. 

Sorry, I actually don’t have any new pictures to share this time since the beach trip.  Well, yes I do, but I haven’t dumped the new pics off the camera yet.  Nothing important anyway.  Meanwhile, my flickr group Me with a Pretty Girl has been doing decent with 19 members and almost 170 pictures.  You can see my contributions here.  Note that a pic of me with a pretty girl does not negate being single aha.

So this post ended up pretty pointless.  Let’s make it interesting with some made up shit off the fly. I wrote the following story just now.  Enjoy.  Edit – Ok, you better really enjoy it I stayed up until 1:30 drawing that picture!  I’m gonna be an artist one day yet aha.  Show some love