Getting ready

by | Nov 1, 2007 | General | 3 comments

I’ll be going to Nekocon this weekend.  If you’re here looking for your picture I took and you’re seeing this I haven’t uploaded them yet!  Chill out!!  I’ll get them up as soon as I can. 

I won’t be home until late Sunday night so will probably be Monday before I can get them uploaded.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, stay tuned.  Those of you (like Dawn) that enjoy the pictures just hang on, you’ll see lots of pictures up here in the next few days.

Spent Halloween night packing and getting my electronics and things ready so I really missed out.  Maybe will write more thoughts later.  For now, just wanted to say you’ve come to the right place, check back very soon, send me an email if you’d like.  I’ll be leaving right after work Thursday so this will be the last thing I can put up unless I can get a good Internet connection at our luxurious hotel suite! If so I may have time to upload some pics from the con, but will prob be too busy, you know how it is at the con!! 

You can see my previous years convention pics here: