Nekocon 2007 Pictures!

by | Nov 5, 2007 | General | 1 comment

Finally got the pictures uploaded, 1500 pictures from the entire trip. I had an awesomefied time the whole weekend. Thanks to everyone for a great time, and the wonderful costumes. Hope you enjoy the pictures! My apologies ahead of time to those few that turned out bad. You are free to copy the picture onto your personal blog or profile or whatever, all I ask is you provide a link back to me for credit. I’d love it if you’d comment on the pics if you like them. I don’t know all the characters so comments about who they are would also be helpful. If the pic is you, feel free to comment and leave your blog or other contact info if you’d like so others can find it. Also, if you’d prefer to have your picture removed just let me know the picture and it will magically be gone. I may update this blog post with more info so if you’d like to save this link be sure to use the permalink of this post. My contact info is here.

Other thoughts, as they come along

Thanks to Jennifer Grow at for the beautiful artwork Balance! 


So it turns out this picture:

Got ranked in the top 500 most Interesting pictures on Flickr on November 5th, 2007.  With about 3000 images uploaded to flickr every MINUTE that’s pretty neat.  If you’re looking for awesome new pics, check out their Explore feature for some awesome work.  So far I’ve been listed twice, here’s the other one: