Jack Crap Christmas

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(Ok, so I posted the following on my other site whootah.com and thought I’d copy it here.  If you haven’t checked out my other site you’re missing some really stupid crap so don’t even bother)

There’s one thing in common with whootah.com website status and what we’re getting all our loyal visitors for Christmas. 

If you frequent the forums then you already know where the real action is.  If not, you’re missing out so sign up and subscribe to the topics.  Recent hits include:

Special Xmas Wishes for you all

Jonathan’s own special collection of Christmas songs

Tis the season for naughty presents and here’s mine for you:

Let it Snow

Winter Wonderland

Yeah, so I recycle presents.  If you played these at work last year then you’ll know why you shouldn’t play them at work again this year.  If you didn’t, feel free to find out.

Anyway, have a good Christmas and holiday season.  As always, our new years resolution will be to have more videos.  And you can tell how successful that went last year with our only video release of 2007.  But only because Jonathan made us all get off our ass so he could get an A in film school.  Website work is planned however, and we will be requesting ideas here shortly.  If you’re continually bored you could also check out our other methods of content:

The pictures section here simply goes to my own personal collection of pictures at flickr.  This is constantly updated, with currently over 17,000 pictures.  Lots of goodies there. 

You should also check out some of our beloved members at their respective locations –

Alan Martin – downbyavalon.com

bgwfreak777 – southernscream.net

Coaster Dave – flickr

Jonathan Hawkins -  jonathanhawkins.net

Phil Hart – radialmonster.com

(Anyone else want to be added to the list?)