2007 Review

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2007 Began anew in the single world for me where just over a month earlier was the end of a relationship (although unbeknownst to me, for her it had ended way before that and she already started a new one).  I had decided my New Years superstition was that my next picture would be of me with my future mate, and by day 2 I completely abandoned that idea and settled for this first picture of 2007.  20070102_001  I passed the time with friends 20070111_011 out to eat, friends at hockey games, 20070113_080 and taking pictures of odd things such as this airplane on a trailer.  20070115_001  Jan 16 I met a great girl Diedre who we both decided would be perfect for each other if she didn’t live 1500 miles away.  The first snow was on January 18th, 20070118_001, Just before Mark turned 30 20070120_099.  Mike, Sue and Katherine came to visit for the weekend 20070120_102 while Tim and Kelly kept me entertained at work 20070124_00420070126_023 Alan and I won “Runner Up” in the theme park review video contest for 2006 to which we probably will not enter again.  My dad had his birthday on Feb 1 20070203_022 and we started to play a bit of magic again.  20070203_066 I risked my life climbing into an old attic only to discover a hidden ceiling with some old relics attached 20070206_001 for the main purpose to give the cute girl in the office my flickr address so she could check out my other pictures.  The circus came to town 20070207_108 and puppies infiltrated my household.  20070210_017  We attended a barely exciting monster truck show 20070217_115 and my office exploded in a sea of flying termites. 20070223_005 Work wasn’t only at work, it was after work too 20070307_003 and Jonathan had his first magical experience 20070311_028.  I became a rock band photographer 20070310_295 and we continued to hone our magic skills.  20070318_003 Had a good lunch with Roxanne, 20070323_007 then immediately left for Charlotte for Carowinds with the whootah crew.  20070324_029 Work isn’t work with friends again 20070329_017 and by this time another failure was under way 20070402_002.  To which I went out and drowned my sorrow 20070405_002 and penned this poem.  After a long dry spell, we played D&D again 20070407_015 then Easter at Grandmas. 20070408_008  Gadita discovers porn 20070514_004 and this little piggy went home.20070409_003  Ruby Tuesdays violates fire code every day 20070413_007 then we head out for a fantastic adventure in Washington DC. 20070422_167 On the way home I hit a deer, causing $3500 worth of damage to my car.  20070423_015 Took about 2 weeks or so then got my car back good as new. 20070504_002  Went to Kings Dominion 20070506_246 had lunch with mom and grandma 20070513_005 and was yet again questioned if I still loved the ex or not for Mother’s Day.  My first ‘date’ of the year was a ‘non date’ (to which I certainly treated it as such) with Lindsey to the Pink Floyd Symphony special edition concert 20070519_009 to which I failed to convince her to join me at the ever awesome Animazement. 20070525_063   A trip to the zoo in Asheville 20070602_162 with all the buds, and then another hit and run accident with a deer. 20070606_001  Robin attempts to imitate Merkley 20070619_002 to which he found (on his own mind you) and responds a good job! More puppies arrive 20070620_001 while a bird leaves 20070623_002.  The 80’s are resurrected 20070623_041 and Lindsey joins us for a night out 20070629_008 at Crowleys.  Gadita finds my box of old mementos 20070701_004 and 4th of July at Kings Dominion wasn’t as crowded as we thought it would be while the Franklinton fireworks was even better.  20070704_225 Virginia Beach was beachy 20070721_030 as cooking out is to summer. 20070722_024  I discover my great great great grandfather fought in the revolutionary war. William Columbus Hart (great great great grandfather)  By this time, I met Theresa and we met at Chili’s for the first time on friday night, to which I didn’t get a picture of as I figured I had no chance with such a pretty girl anyway.  When I got home I had a message from a new person Kim 20070804_005 to which we decided to go out Saturday night who although she tried to convince me that she wasn’t interested in money wanted our first date to be the 42nd street oyster bar and was disappointed that I wasn’t a big shot at some huge corporation.  Later, decided that me and Kim did have a good time however, so about a week later we tried again 20070817_004 to where I realized that she is too city slicker for me.  A free movie in the park 20070818_017 almost prompted me to invite her, yet a week after the movie Theresa invited me and John to the same park for a night with Warrant, her sister and friends to which proved to be an unbelievable disaster 20070825_035 despite this pic.  That is the look of fear in mine eyes. A few days later Steve became a dad Steve and Aprils Baby and we decide to try Carowinds one more time20070908_169.  Dan played at The Cave 20070913_034 Then we had the first family reunion in like 100 years. 20070922_101 Kure beach was great (again)  20070930_020.  And a chance encounter proves eventful 20071023_00120071027_133 Halloween was time for pumpkins to which mine are still on my front porch rotting.  Then followed up with the crazy fun time that is Nekocon 20071102_538.  I come home to a purple Murray 20071113_006 and Tim points out our local chemtrails 20071121_004.  Thanksgiving was at moms lake house 20071122_005 and I break out and buy a new tv 20071124_011.  I pen my first ‘comic’ 20071205, at least the first one that I’ve claimed.  The best piece of ass I get all year was at the texas roadhouse 20071213_003 and Mercy’s still going strong 20071215_015. Gadita faithfully helps me wrap Christmas presents 20071223_009 culminating to this collection on Christmas Eve 20071224_008.  Christmas was spent traveling to family 20071225_020  20071225_049.  Alan and berb made a gingerbread house 20071226_013 and we discover a new game 20071228_004 Carcassonne.  New Years Eve party at my place wrapped up the year 20080101_027 with this being the last picture of 2007 20071231_057 and this being the first picture of 2008 20080101_001

In this year I heard my dad make a gay joke (playing the flute pipe), my granddad say he wish he could smoke a joint, girls of the year (qualification only includes words more than the normal hi how are you, I like you kind of thing, i think these are in order even) included diedre, mylene, tressie, cristy, lindsey, daphne, heather, kerry, theresa, kim, monica, leilani, amanda & amy, <that south korean girl>, jenny, jennifer despite to all of which I’m still just me.  I hope i didn’t miss any if I did i’m not trying to exclude.  I’m trying to include, only for my personal journal to look at 10 years from now.  Some of the ladies were only talks, some were dates, throughout 2007 how many kisses did I get?  1 peck on the cheek.  It didn’t stop me from trying though, and from having a great time with friends, Alan, Barb, Eric, John, Jay, Jonathan, Mark, Mike, Robin, Scott, Steve, Sue, Wes who am I missing who helped me add countless photo’s to my portfolio this year.    Co workers also included Kelley, Mike, Rob, Tim, and some others.  My personal business did xx,xxxx amount of dollars, a bit more than last year.  Aha, I’m not giving that out!  Mom and Dad are both doing fine, family is good and normal as usual actually.  I’m doing good, learned I have a hernia which isn’t critical, otherwise health is good.  If you want more detail about my life you should read through the archives where you’ll find tons of crap written by right here.  Thanks for being a part of 2007, bad or good.