Friday night scammer fun

by | Mar 1, 2008 | General | 1 comment

sandybabyforreal: hi
radialmonster: hi
sandybabyforreal: <ding>
sandybabyforreal: u there?
radialmonster: hi
sandybabyforreal: hi
radialmonster: do i know you?
sandybabyforreal: how are u doing?
radialmonster: who are you? where are you from?
sandybabyforreal: its ghana
radialmonster: oh i’ve heard of ghonnerea
radialmonster: so is that africa?
sandybabyforreal: yes
radialmonster: i bless the rains down in africaaaaaaa
sandybabyforreal: what is your name?
radialmonster: toto … like the dog
sandybabyforreal: is your name toto?
radialmonster: um yes why?
sandybabyforreal: nothing
sandybabyforreal: u in usa?
radialmonster: no, I’m in ubuntu
sandybabyforreal: where is ubuntu
radialmonster: on the border of ghana and the nigger river
sandybabyforreal: are you african?
radialmonster: no i’m american i came here for work
sandybabyforreal: when are u going back?
radialmonster: i’m going back someday come what may. busy here performing now
radialmonster: tell me about you
sandybabyforreal: i am sandra
sandybabyforreal: 23 yrs
sandybabyforreal: from ghana
sandybabyforreal: i just completed the university
radialmonster: of hard knocks?
sandybabyforreal: i am the only child of my parents
sandybabyforreal: i like listening to music and making love
radialmonster: do you like making love after nothing at all?
sandybabyforreal: how
radialmonster: i know just where to touch you and i know what to prove…
sandybabyforreal: where
radialmonster: where your buffalo roam
sandybabyforreal: ok
sandybabyforreal: i will meet u later in the day ok
radialmonster: do you know where i am right now?
sandybabyforreal: bye
radialmonster: but we just met