New scammer *sigh*

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Some new guy contacted me today.  I’m going attempt to get this scammer to talk to my ‘girlfriend’ who lives in Ghana.  This fake girlfriend is actually another scammer who has been contacting me.  See additional chats from ‘her’ below.

Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 10:55:48 AM): How are you doing over there..?
radialmonster (3/4/2008 10:58:49 AM): im good how are you over there?
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 10:59:20 AM): I’m also fine
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 10:59:37 AM): Thanks for taking your time talking to me
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 10:59:48 AM): May good God bless you
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 10:59:49 AM): Amen
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:00:09 AM): Please did you receive the e-mail i just sent to you.?
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:00:56 AM): may the holy spirit of Ubuntu bless your rains as well
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:01:40 AM): no i dont believe i have any email from you
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:01:43 AM): who are you?
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:01:50 AM): Thanks
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:02:18 AM): Please I want you to add me with this yahoo id
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:02:35 AM):
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:02:48 AM): So that we can talk further
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:04:21 AM): Hello Mr.Phil
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:05:11 AM): It will be a great pleasure knowing ourself and i also known that it will be a blessing to both
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:05:43 AM): I am Mr Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:06:04 AM): Just accept it ok
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:06:15 AM): I have added you..
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:08:53 AM): Congratulations
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:09:16 AM): Thanks
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:09:34 AM): Please have you been able to read the email?
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:12:17 AM): no i didnt get an email
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:12:32 AM): Ok
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:12:40 AM): Let me brief you online
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:13:00 AM): ok
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:13:12 AM): Or can you give me your direct email id to re-send the mesage again
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:13:29 AM): actually i do see your email i’m sorry
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:13:38 AM): Ok
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:13:53 AM): Please take time and read it carefully
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:13:59 AM): and get to me
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:14:14 AM): i will do thanks
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:14:29 AM): God bless you..
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:14:55 AM): I hope you have fully understand all the contents?
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:16:23 AM): let me read it
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:16:41 AM): Read it caefully
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:16:42 AM): ok
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:21:01 AM): Still waiting Phil..
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:21:21 AM): Ok
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:22:13 AM): is very detailed
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:23:32 AM): Ok
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:24:01 AM): i’m not a very good reader sometimes
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:24:33 AM): You mean you did’nt not understand what i need you to do for me?
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:25:45 AM): Hello
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:26:02 AM): Please i need your insatant writing
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:26:05 AM): Ok
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:26:13 AM): Let me know what you mean
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:26:25 AM): i am at work and can’t talk instantly. maybe you shoudl talk to someone else
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:26:47 AM): Someone like who?
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:26:59 AM): well actually you’re in luck
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:27:08 AM): Mr,Phil
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:27:09 AM): i see from your email that this is related to Ghana
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:27:17 AM): Yes
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:27:28 AM): I actually have a lover in Ghana
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:27:41 AM): I just need your assistance in helping me
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:27:53 AM): To receive money into your account
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:28:59 AM): Ok
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:29:09 AM): I will contact my girlfriend Sandy in Ghana
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:29:35 AM): Please understand that this is confidential business
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:30:02 AM): She has full power of attorney to my account.
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:30:12 AM): I dont want anyone elso to know about it before transferring the fund out of the bank
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:30:32 AM): Can I get her to contact you?
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:30:37 AM): or perhaps you can contact her?
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:30:43 AM): Her name on yahoo is sandybabyforreal
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:30:44 AM): right
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:31:06 AM): please kindly give me her full contact details
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:31:14 AM): her email address
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:31:18 AM):
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:31:23 AM): and her telephone number
radialmonster (3/4/2008 11:31:50 AM): she is not at a telephone number at this time. She’s visiting a friend that works in the circus there.
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:32:05 AM): Ok
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:32:30 AM): So let me know what i have to tell her ok
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:33:40 AM): So that she can inform you after talking with her
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:38:16 AM): Hello Mr.Phil
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:38:23 AM): Talk to me
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:39:50 AM): Are you there..?
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:40:12 AM): You can call me anytime with this cel number
Peter Johnson (3/4/2008 11:40:38 AM): Or Tell her to contact me you have my e-mail address
radialmonster (3/4/2008 12:01:36 PM): sorry i have to go to lunch now