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kimberly_lisa001: Hello
kimberly_lisa001: how are u doing
radialmonster: Hello
radialmonster: how are u doing
kimberly_lisa001: care to chat am kim by name from match i saw yur name on it and i would love to chat with u if u dont mind
kimberly_lisa001: am doing grate and u
kimberly_lisa001: am Kim by name and u
radialmonster: where are you from
kimberly_lisa001: am from usa but right now in uk and u
radialmonster: i’m in Ubuntu
kimberly_lisa001: ohhh that usa right..?
radialmonster: It’s between Ghana and the Nigger River
kimberly_lisa001: ohhh ic
kimberly_lisa001: scammer
radialmonster: Thanks, but I already figured that out
kimberly_lisa001: wat
radialmonster: That you’re a scammer. But if you’d like to announce it thats fine too
kimberly_lisa001: wat did u mean
radialmonster: i mean to say
radialmonster: fuck off scammer

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  1. Dawn

    Getting a little more impatient with them? LOL.

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