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Flora Cindy has been messaging me all weekend about how much she already loves me.  Today I had the chance to screw with ‘her’

floracindy: I fill like coming to meet you,am tired of Nigeria.Love you to death.Kisses&Hugges
radialmonster: Well my circus is travelling this year.  would you travel with me?
floracindy: Yes love
radialmonster: We’re currently on a ferry from siberia.  Heading back home before winter starts
floracindy: Which time are will going to talk because i want to sign out now,or will you send me my flight money to come and meet you,waiting for your replie
radialmonster: can your plane land on open ocean?
floracindy: No
radialmonster: well i’m not sure how we’ll meet
radialmonster: you’re in nigeria right?
floracindy: Am wating for your reply,you can send the money through western union,it will cost me like 500us dollars love,
radialmonster: well I’m heading to Ubuntu now
radialmonster: I can send a camel caravan
radialmonster: I have lots of goats
floracindy: Why
radialmonster: Thats where i’m based
radialmonster: it would be much cheaper than flying
radialmonster: Camels are great for this
radialmonster: does your family need any camels?  I can leave them some for payment for your services
radialmonster: i mean because we’re going to fuck right?

Time passed

floracindy:  You can send the money of the camel

The next day

floracindy: Hello love how you doing today?
radialmonster : im good how are you?
floracindy : Thanks,what about the 500 us dollars i told you that i need my love.
radialmonster : I didnt think that was our agreement
radialmonster : I have a caravan heading towards Nigeria right now
radialmonster: They left this morning
radialmonster: It took a while to get them rounded up
radialmonster I need to know where they need to go before they get too far away
floracindy : Dont you want to send me the 500 us dollars again love
radialmonster : The agreement was that I would leave your family 3 camels and a herd of goates. You want more?
radialmonster : If I send more now I will have to send someone else to catch up with the caravan.
radialmonster : Perhaps a swallow.
radialmonster : Should I use an African or European?
floracindy : Use africa,but i told you that i want to buy goods to my shop here in nigeria so i dont need goat and camel
floracindy : I want to go to the state on saturday so i need 500us dollars before saturday to complete with the 1000us dollars that is with me my love.
radialmonster : Well I think you misunderstood. I’m not going to the states anytime soon either.
radialmonster : I’m living in Ubuntu right now
floracindy: Will you send me the money pls pls pls
radialmonster : But my love, why would I pay for you to go to the states to live when I am not going to the states.
radialmonster : I’m really disappointed that you don’t want to join me. You said you would travel with me in my circus.
radialmonster : I already have 3 elephants trained for you
floracindy: I promise to travel with ur circus but i want to go to the state to go and buy goods,can you pay for my flight,i will bear with you
floracindy : I dont want my bussines to cut off
radialmonster : what business are you in
radialmonster : ?

no response