Tea Cakes

by | Dec 23, 2008 | General | 0 comments

So I found a recipe for ‘old fashioned tea cakes’.  My grandma used to make these and everyone loved them.  I still have a few stored away.  Yes, they’re 15 years old or something but they still at least smell as good as new!  Anyway, my attempt has twice now turned out marginally better than this guys:

20081222_102 I started out very genuine with all the right ingredients from a recipe I found. 20081222_107 Mixed all my stuff together and proceeded to cut out the cookies.  20081222_116 But they weren’t nearly what grandma used to make.

A second attempt didnt prove any more useful.   20081223_001 Until finally I ended up making a new type of cookie from another recipe which did end up turning out great.  20081223_014 You can see the adventure on my cookie making flickr set.