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unusualsalmon: Greetings!  I know this is hard to believe, but I’m you – from the future.
radialmonster: wat
unusualsalmon: Your me from the future aren’t you?
radialmonster: I’m you from the past
radialmonster: Which is my now
unusualsalmon: that’s not what your original post said
unusualsalmon: ok so your me from the past
unusualsalmon: soo… if I give you some lottery numbers, then I will be instantly rich
radialmonster: No, you would have spent it all already
unusualsalmon: oh
radialmonster: you should be more careful next time.
unusualsalmon: hmm.
radialmonster: But at least you have a nice house to live in
unusualsalmon: cool!
unusualsalmon: OMG where did this rolex come from?  It must have worked!
unusualsalmon: can you do me one thing back then to help me out now?
radialmonster: I can attempt
unusualsalmon: cool… go fuck yourself
radialmonster: and how would that help you now
radialmonster: hm i think we have both been duped

I was hoping to continue this strange conversation but apparently my random chat partner has already left