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Feeling pretty good, had my birthday blast party this past weekend at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Our local town had a fireworks show for me as well.  Got my car inspected and running good last week, about over my sickness.  I built myself a new computer for my birthday present.  My business is doing good, if I can just continue to keep up with it.

So I got some spam email today and the subject was Excited?  So I replied why yes I am.

Then I got another spam email:

From: Alexis Brooks []
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 2:12 PM
Subject: PRODUCT RFQ (PO #CII6831)

Attention: Sales Department

Here is a Request from  Cable Inside Inc, Located Billerica, MA. Cable Inside, Inc is a wholesale distributor of Tel/Data & Control Cable, Logistics, & Mgmt. and also printer repairs.
We are currently upgrading our desktop computers/printers and need to order from you computer supplies and parts so we would like you to provide a quote for the following items.

Hewlett Packard Request:
1. Original HP C6578DN Tricolor Inkjet Cartridge 2. Original HP Q7583A Color Sphere magenta laser toner cartridge

Memory & Processor Request:
1. 1GB Kit 333MHZ DDR PC2700 Dimm  (KVR333X64C25/1G) (Any Brand).
2. BX80546PG3400E- 3.40E GHz 800 MHz 90 nm C0 1 MB 478 pin PPGA.

Kindly Provide a PDF quote with pricing , availability either by email or fax and we would get back to you with our upon acceptance and approval of quotes.
I will be faxing a hardcopy of Purchase order # CII6831 for shipping of the order. Payment Terms: Cashier’s check on Delivery (COD)

We look forward to doing business with you.


Alexis Brooks
Cable Inside, Inc
Address: 85 Rangeway Road, Floor #1
Billerica MA 01862-0000
FEDERAL TAX ID #: 32-0006394
DUNS NUMBER: 04-664-9278
Phone: 206-426-5417
Fax Number: 978-947-0546

My reply was simply:

1 Million Dollars

with an attachment named quote.jpg that was this picture