1 Year

by | Oct 6, 2009 | General | 0 comments

On September 2, 2008 we were married.

By October 6, 2008 she already left me.

I haven’t seen her since.

Still, I wait for her return and continue to see how much my love she is.  Last night she kicked my ass in Starcraft.  Although she insists it was because my computer was messing up, it wasn’t.  She controlled all the resources and wiped out all the offenses I threw at her.  I was left broke, with no way to gain more cash.  I told her I love her, then gave up.  She still continued to play for 30 more minutes, insisting on destroying every one of my buildings before ending the game.

That’s ok.  She’s still a long way off on winning in Unreal Tournament.


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