my web host had lots of server problems, so the site has been down last few days… hopefully everythings working again?

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  1. yeah says:

    what the fuck is wordpress??? Just wondering. Hey, where did you get that picture of Chun Li?? I thought she would be a lot hotter than that.

  2. radial says:

    wordpress is the system i use to run the web site. it handles showing these news items and allows me to put new items in and edit them. you can learn more about word press here:

    I’m not sure which picture you are referring to, but i assume you’re talking about a picture that showed up on this home page here. the pictures in the previous post are randomly pulled from my picture gallery. All the pictures in the picture gallery were taken by myself. You will probabally find the Chun Li picture there under one of the conventions i attended. Some of the pictures even have the person’s name and contact info.

    BTW, congrats on being the first person to post a comment on my site!

  3. dude4 says:

    wow, the first one to post a comment. That’s cool. Liked the video of that arkakon or whatever it was called conference. Was that in Raliegh? Kinda looked like it was somewhere in NC. It was quite amazing to see scoot dressed up like that. So, got a girlfriend? That’s cool. Hope yer doing well. Drop me a line sometime. . .

  4. radial says:

    maybe you mean nekocon? That was in Virgina Beach, VA. Animazement is in Durham, NC. Scoot was a character from Steam Detectives, although the name of the character escapes me. Yes, i have a girlfriend, for a good 6 or 8 or so months. pictures will be up soon. I would drop you a line, but i dont have a damn clue who ‘yeah’ and dude4 is! You cant be steve, since you spelled everything correctly. You can’t be mark cuz mark would know where nekocon is. maybe you’re marshall?

  5. dude4 says:

    yeah, it’s me. Marshall. Glad you’re doing well. I’m fine. Weather sure is cold here for august. Still in boone. yeah. three. how d’ya figure? hehehehehe. Anyway, drop me a line sometime. Good guess, by the way. it’s been a long time since I was dude4. yeah, I’m an anal retentive speller. anyway, talk at ya later. . .

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