Animazement 2008 pre

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I haven’t updated here much, mainly due to the fact just been busy.  More on that in about 2 weeks I hope.  In the meantime, everything’s kinda coming up real quick. For instance, Animazement in Durham this weekend.

Yes I’m going.

Yes I’m bringing a camera.

If you’ve found this blog because I gave you a card and you’re reading this, that means I haven’t had time to upload all the pictures yet.  I will probably get them all uploaded by Monday as I’ll have the day off that day.  Once I get the pictures up, I’ll add a new post with the URL to my flickr set.

In the meantime, you can see my past anime convention photo’s here:

I’m bringing 3 cameras.  One, a quick, small point and shoot Fujifilm f30.  Second, a more advanced Fujifilm S7000.  (To which I have gotten tons of compliments on, thank you!)  Third, I’m bringing along a brand new Canon Xsi DSLR.  It’s not mine I have to admit.  But, it’s mine for the weekend.  Excuse me as I attempt to figure out the settings please and just smile and make cute poses and things and try to be still for like 5 seconds while I take the shot kthx.

I’ll be using the Canon mostly.  I purchased an 8gb class 6 memory card for it. This one card allows me to take about 1300 pictures at full 12m However, my limitation will be battery life which is rated to only give me about 600 pictures at no flash.  I do not have an extra battery unless I can find one to buy somewhere before going.  The battery is a LP-e5.  I checked Target tonight but they have no battery packs for cameras like a bunch of geniuses.  Maybe I’ll try to hit best buy or circuit city before heading to the con.  So if you see me with the S7000 then the Canon’s probably dead already.

Once that goes out I’ll switch to the S7000.  I should have plenty of batteries for that one, 2 sets.

I’ll use the f30 for just quick shots if I don’t have time to pull out the one of the big cameras.  I have 2 1gb cards and 1 512mb cards to share between the s7000 and f30.

At Nekocon 2007 I ended up only using the S7000 and they pretty much all turned out great.

I’m no pro, I just enjoy taking the pics and sharing them with you guys.  If I bug you several times to take a pic, I don’t always mean to, but sometimes I loose track of who I’ve taken pictures of, or maybe i just really liked your costume or I see you in a cool new pose.  If you’d like to not have your picture taken just say no thanks or something.  Feelings won’t be hurt.  Although in like 10 years or whatever of going to these things I’ve only had 2 people request to not have the pic taken.  One was super nice about it and just said no thank you or something, and one was an asshole.  Don’t be an asshole and ruin the rest of my day k?

If you have something you want to say or ask or whatever during the con feel free, but please tell me in person as I may not can check my emails until after the con.  You can also msg me on yahoo messenger as radialmonster and that forwards to my cell phone.

tl;dr –  pics arent here yet.  check back later