Monday, June 18, 2001

just now
getting a chance to sit at the computer tonight.  i stayed up till 1:30 in
the morning on stupid irc chatlines.  it’s funny that as soon as i went
into #teen people were already posting their age and shit.  like they
haven’t read my article! ha!  i posted the link, but no one commented on
it.  i did meet a guy who can do some very
good artwork
, check out some of his stuff.  i told him maybe i’d
commission him to do some art for the site, what do you think?  While we’re
talking about art, check
this girl out
.  I saw her at a local anime convention recently, she had
a great costume, i think she even got first place.   she’s
the one in red
.  See the site where
that pic came from
, and other pics from the convention.

What’s more immature?  person a telling
person b that i’m writing about them on my site, or person b telling me to not
write about same said person?  this is my site, i write what i wanna
write.  it’s just another medium for me to chat with whoever.  just as
my old bbs was, lord knows the stuff i used to post on that
thing.    damn, i was gonna link to my basically bbs web page,
but i can’t find it!  doh!  that’s ok, i’ll post this
instead!  but anyway, it is not illegal for me to post that i may
or may not have a girlfriend.  in fact, i just changed it to may or may not
have a girlfriend to i’m currently single!   it would be illegal if i
said she inflated the stock of her work by sending false company emails and sold
the stock for a high profit, because that would be a lie.  just so, it
would not be illegal for me to post that i pretty much despise her now and want
to have nothing to do with her because she cheated, lied and betrayed me because
that is my personal opinion.  don’t worry, i’m not so bad.  i’ll try
not to mention any names, if i do they will be fake.  but if you are the
one who you feel it’s directed to, then you know who you are.  no one else
needs to know.  if people knew the true meanings behind some of my poetry
and stories, they would really be upset.  although a fair amount of them
mean absolutely nothing about any particular person.  in fact, a good
amount of them have nothing to do with my personal life at all.  i write
what i feel like writing.  do you really think that if i write a poem about
a lady being married because she was pregnant, that means i was pregnant and
going to get married?  i write what comes to mind.  and my job is to
make that sound good.  if i do not like a particular piece, i’ll trash
it.  but that’s the only reason.  hence, for future reference, do not
judge me by the things i write in my works.  you never know what i’m
writing about, if anything at all!

Sunday, June 17, 2001

Well, my pic is
finally on picrave
so maybe i’ll get some hits off of that.  I realized that the way i’m
displaying the thingies on the web page, it’s not going to register with the hit
counter on 2000, so i’m gonna have to code the hit counting process and store it
ina database.  it will also require me to redo what i coded last week for
the displaying of the page.  this will actually be a bg thing to do, i
think, so i’ll probably give up soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

dammit, i
cant get on my own chat line because it’s full! argh!!  i see there’s 3
people on here now, but i can’t get on!!!  i’m gonna have to get some more
servers.  Hey, there we go, i added a few more servers.  now i’m on
the chat, but no one’s in it! argh!! 🙂  i’m gonna go do something.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Wow, I actually finished
something I’d say I’d do.  I wrote the article I was wanting to do.
You may access it at articles on the left, then click on a/s/l link.  not
hard at all.  I really noticed my writing improving as I continued with the
piece. I only hope this trend continues as I continue to add content to this web
site.  However, most of the content I have planned are thing’s I have
already written, some years and years ago.  Anyway, for now, enjoy the new
piece.  send me comments.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

damn i’m motherfucking
good!  i already got it. yep, i’m done.  well, i guess that means i
have to work on that article now, eh?  wait, let me find something else to

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

ha ha you jealous little
bitches!  i already got it!  it only took me about 15 fucking minutes,
of course, i had some code i had already written i used.  but now, i can
update this news piece independently of the main web site.  i think it’s
pretty sweet.  next, i’m gonna make a generic work viewer, for articles,
stories, poetry, whatever.  ahahahahah!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

that’s right, i’m gonna create some
bitching shit!  i realized with all the content and shit i wanna put on
this site, i have to code the displaying of the page.  so i’m gonna work on
that tonight and if i finish, maybe i’ll have time to start that article.
but knowing me, i’ll find something else to occupy my time, and i will never do
it.  that’s my problem. i start doing something, get interested in doing
something else, and forget about the first one!  just like now, i should be
coding.  leave me alone dammit!


Enough people have complained that they are tired of stupid idiots viewing their web page, or some profile like on picrave then sending them a message asking their a/s/l. The reason for the frustration is obvious to those with a little common sense, if you go and read about someone, then send them a message asking these things, either you didn’t read the profile, or you are too stupid to remember what you just read. However, I have a different complaint with the a/s/l comments. I think the whole idea is just silly.

Here’s the deal for the uninformed. A/S/L means that the one who posts A/S/L wants to know the Age, Sex, and Location of those in the same chat room. How often do you go into a chat room and every 10 minutes or so someone puts this one line, 6 symbol message up: a/s/l? The really competent of those who do this will usually repeat it every 10 seconds or so just to be sure everyone can understand this person is asking this question. Not long after that, you get one liner’s back in response to the effect of 16/M/NY or 18 f tx, and about 20 or so more people putting their respective a/s/l. This is all fine and dandy, maybe once or twice in a night, but imagine this process happens and every person in the chat room post their a/s/l and then a new person comes in. Guess what this newbie will ask, but a/s/l? The whole process repeats itself over, and over and over and… you get the picture.

Curiosity can be blamed for wanting to know this information; it gives a general idea of the crowd that is in the chat room. It is used by members of one sex looking to talk to members of the opposite. (or sometimes the same!) It is used to find people that are in your area to chat with. Used sparingly, and used in an appropriate manner, this information can aid in the process of meeting someone to chat with, or to participate in the current conversation in a chat room.

What I want to know, however, is what is the damn point! People say that they use the internet because of the anonymous nature of it. Yet, they willingly divulge this information when a stranger in a chat room asks. People seem to participate in the act of giving this information out just to feel special, as if, by chance, someone is looking for that exact person to chat with and they are hoping they will find a lifelong friend or love. People think that if they reply to someone asking a/s/l it makes them cool. You know, like how people think wearing a Tommy Hillfiger (and if you think the people who make that shit give a damn about your clothes or how much of a fucking prep you look like, check the link and see what they really care about) shirt makes you cool, or like those chicks, however cute they are, wearing those headsets in the GAP. Nobody gives a rats ass if you think you are cool, and those that really are cool don’t give a shit about those that think what they wear and what they say make them cool. We cool on that?

Whether a person is from New York, or California really doesn’t matter if all you want to do is shoot the breeze. It is not necessary to judge the content of a chat room, because if you ever go to #teen, or #teenchat on any irc server there will always be kids talking about sex and drugs and what not. Even if you are 13 years old and hop into teen chat, just say “I smoked a big one today” and you’ll be everyone’s friend.  

Asking a/s/l may be a way for some losers to start a conversation, only if said loser doesn’t have the intellect to ask about interests, or the like. If you were in a room full of people you didn’t know, would you go up to each one and ask their age, sex and location to initiate a conversation? Hell no, they’d throw you out like the old cheese dip on the snack table! Number one, girls get offensive when you ask their age and weight. That’s a problem in and of itself since it’s only the old fat girls who get offensive. You can obviously tell a person’s sex unless you are at one of those types of parties… and you sure as hell know their current location. In real life, a halfway competent conversation starter would say, “Hi, how are you doing?”, “Hey, do you like this music?” or “Hello, I really like your outfit”.

If the losers who get on chat lines that constantly ask a/s/l were at a party in real life it would sound something like this: “So….(blank stare) … do you come here often?”, “Uhh…do you know where the bathroom is?”, “Hey, i gotta room upstairs if you wanna go check it out…” or “I feel drunk, can you take me home?”. Come on, you know those types. The ones even at the end of the night they are still sitting with the same few people they came in with, haven’t moved from line of sight of the drink bar, and the ones every one says excuse me to as they attempt to get to the bathroom. Do these people ever get dates? Sure, they probably get some slut who doesn’t give a shit about them, but I’m talking about a real date. Someone to actually be proud of and continue an ongoing relationship with.

Going into a chat room and participating in these actions do not mean you are part of the conversation. It does not mean you are competent enough to want to talk to just because you finally figured out the abbreviation of each state. It does mean you have nothing important to talk about. It does mean you are not important enough that people are already talking to you. It means you are not intellectual enough to see what the current conversation is about and add your valuable input. It means you are the one who would be left last in the chat room if chat rooms had hours.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

damn this work too.  i got home from work,
took a shower, am cooking right now, still haven’t ate yet, and it’s already
damn 8:30pm!  i’m adding to the site as i can, i’d like to code most of
the content in asp, but with all the links and things i wanna do to it, it
might just be easier to create the raw files with frontpage.  i wanna
make content.  one of the main reasons i started this site is to get me
back into writing, which i used to do all the time.  now i don’t have
the ambition to do it.  i’m not in the mood after working all
day.  when i’m not working, i’m working around my house, or
entertaining myself on the computer or something.  my environment is
not suited for writing, i have 4 cats, a rabbit a hermit crab, and sometimes
a dog all inside.  i have more animals outside.  actually most of
these animals are my kinda girlfriend’s.  they make tooooo much
noise.  years ago, when i used to write, i could sit in my room when i
lived with my mom and her husband and tune out absolutely
everything.    when they went to bed it was dead quiet, i
could think.  no one bothered me.  i would write poetry, or
stories, i had a few published, and i really enjoyed doing it.  i
consider myself to be a creative person, and i need to be doing something
creative and in my field of vision to stay focused and happy in life.
so, back to the subject, (i ramble a lot, part of my writing) if i write on
this web site, it will get me adapted to writing again and maybe i can be as
good it as i used to be.  and i decided what my first article will
be.  i really enjoyed vilette’s
article on picrave
.  but i see A/S/L as something different.
i’ll post it here as soon as i’m done.