Tea Cakes

So I found a recipe for ‘old fashioned tea cakes’.  My grandma used to make these and everyone loved them.  I still have a few stored away.  Yes, they’re 15 years old or something but they still at least smell as good as new!  Anyway, my attempt has twice now turned out marginally better than this guys:

20081222_102 I started out very genuine with all the right ingredients from a recipe I found. 20081222_107 Mixed all my stuff together and proceeded to cut out the cookies.  20081222_116 But they weren’t nearly what grandma used to make.

A second attempt didnt prove any more useful.   20081223_001 Until finally I ended up making a new type of cookie from another recipe which did end up turning out great.  20081223_014 You can see the adventure on my cookie making flickr set.


Flora Cindy has been messaging me all weekend about how much she already loves me.  Today I had the chance to screw with ‘her’

floracindy: I fill like coming to meet you,am tired of Nigeria.Love you to death.Kisses&Hugges
radialmonster: Well my circus is travelling this year.  would you travel with me?
floracindy: Yes love
radialmonster: We’re currently on a ferry from siberia.  Heading back home before winter starts
floracindy: Which time are will going to talk because i want to sign out now,or will you send me my flight money to come and meet you,waiting for your replie
radialmonster: can your plane land on open ocean?
floracindy: No
radialmonster: well i’m not sure how we’ll meet
radialmonster: you’re in nigeria right?
floracindy: Am wating for your reply,you can send the money through western union,it will cost me like 500us dollars love,
radialmonster: well I’m heading to Ubuntu now
radialmonster: I can send a camel caravan
radialmonster: I have lots of goats
floracindy: Why
radialmonster: Thats where i’m based
radialmonster: it would be much cheaper than flying
radialmonster: Camels are great for this
radialmonster: does your family need any camels?  I can leave them some for payment for your services
radialmonster: i mean because we’re going to fuck right?

Time passed

floracindy:  You can send the money of the camel

The next day

floracindy: Hello love how you doing today?
radialmonster : im good how are you?
floracindy : Thanks,what about the 500 us dollars i told you that i need my love.
radialmonster : I didnt think that was our agreement
radialmonster : I have a caravan heading towards Nigeria right now
radialmonster: They left this morning
radialmonster: It took a while to get them rounded up
radialmonster I need to know where they need to go before they get too far away
floracindy : Dont you want to send me the 500 us dollars again love
radialmonster : The agreement was that I would leave your family 3 camels and a herd of goates. You want more?
radialmonster : If I send more now I will have to send someone else to catch up with the caravan.
radialmonster : Perhaps a swallow.
radialmonster : Should I use an African or European?
floracindy : Use africa,but i told you that i want to buy goods to my shop here in nigeria so i dont need goat and camel
floracindy : I want to go to the state on saturday so i need 500us dollars before saturday to complete with the 1000us dollars that is with me my love.
radialmonster : Well I think you misunderstood. I’m not going to the states anytime soon either.
radialmonster : I’m living in Ubuntu right now
floracindy: Will you send me the money pls pls pls
radialmonster : But my love, why would I pay for you to go to the states to live when I am not going to the states.
radialmonster : I’m really disappointed that you don’t want to join me. You said you would travel with me in my circus.
radialmonster : I already have 3 elephants trained for you
floracindy: I promise to travel with ur circus but i want to go to the state to go and buy goods,can you pay for my flight,i will bear with you
floracindy : I dont want my bussines to cut off
radialmonster : what business are you in
radialmonster : ?

no response


kimberly_lisa001: Hello
kimberly_lisa001: how are u doing
radialmonster: Hello
radialmonster: how are u doing
kimberly_lisa001: care to chat am kim by name from match i saw yur name on it and i would love to chat with u if u dont mind
kimberly_lisa001: am doing grate and u
kimberly_lisa001: am Kim by name and u
radialmonster: where are you from
kimberly_lisa001: am from usa but right now in uk and u
radialmonster: i’m in Ubuntu
kimberly_lisa001: ohhh that usa right..?
radialmonster: It’s between Ghana and the Nigger River
kimberly_lisa001: ohhh ic
kimberly_lisa001: scammer
radialmonster: Thanks, but I already figured that out
kimberly_lisa001: wat
radialmonster: That you’re a scammer. But if you’d like to announce it thats fine too
kimberly_lisa001: wat did u mean
radialmonster: i mean to say
radialmonster: fuck off scammer

Animazement 2008 pre

I haven’t updated here much, mainly due to the fact just been busy.  More on that in about 2 weeks I hope.  In the meantime, everything’s kinda coming up real quick. For instance, Animazement in Durham this weekend.

Yes I’m going.

Yes I’m bringing a camera.

If you’ve found this blog because I gave you a card and you’re reading this, that means I haven’t had time to upload all the pictures yet.  I will probably get them all uploaded by Monday as I’ll have the day off that day.  Once I get the pictures up, I’ll add a new post with the URL to my flickr set.

In the meantime, you can see my past anime convention photo’s here:  http://radialmonster.com/pictures/

I’m bringing 3 cameras.  One, a quick, small point and shoot Fujifilm f30.  Second, a more advanced Fujifilm S7000.  (To which I have gotten tons of compliments on, thank you!)  Third, I’m bringing along a brand new Canon Xsi DSLR.  It’s not mine I have to admit.  But, it’s mine for the weekend.  Excuse me as I attempt to figure out the settings please and just smile and make cute poses and things and try to be still for like 5 seconds while I take the shot kthx.

I’ll be using the Canon mostly.  I purchased an 8gb class 6 memory card for it. This one card allows me to take about 1300 pictures at full 12m However, my limitation will be battery life which is rated to only give me about 600 pictures at no flash.  I do not have an extra battery unless I can find one to buy somewhere before going.  The battery is a LP-e5.  I checked Target tonight but they have no battery packs for cameras like a bunch of geniuses.  Maybe I’ll try to hit best buy or circuit city before heading to the con.  So if you see me with the S7000 then the Canon’s probably dead already.

Once that goes out I’ll switch to the S7000.  I should have plenty of batteries for that one, 2 sets.

I’ll use the f30 for just quick shots if I don’t have time to pull out the one of the big cameras.  I have 2 1gb cards and 1 512mb cards to share between the s7000 and f30.

At Nekocon 2007 I ended up only using the S7000 and they pretty much all turned out great.

I’m no pro, I just enjoy taking the pics and sharing them with you guys.  If I bug you several times to take a pic, I don’t always mean to, but sometimes I loose track of who I’ve taken pictures of, or maybe i just really liked your costume or I see you in a cool new pose.  If you’d like to not have your picture taken just say no thanks or something.  Feelings won’t be hurt.  Although in like 10 years or whatever of going to these things I’ve only had 2 people request to not have the pic taken.  One was super nice about it and just said no thank you or something, and one was an asshole.  Don’t be an asshole and ruin the rest of my day k?

If you have something you want to say or ask or whatever during the con feel free, but please tell me in person as I may not can check my emails until after the con.  You can also msg me on yahoo messenger as radialmonster and that forwards to my cell phone.

tl;dr –  pics arent here yet.  check back later

No sense of humor

13 May 2008 05:04:30 PM Mary_GWER8153 says: I can process the replacement keyboard order now.
13 May 2008 05:04:48 PM phil hart says: ok how much is the keyboard?
13 May 2008 05:05:02 PM Mary_GWER8153 says: Let me check on that. Please wait.
13 May 2008 05:05:10 PM phil hart says: sure
13 May 2008 05:06:39 PM Mary_GWER8153 says: Thank you for waiting. Upon checking, I see the keyboard replacement is for free.
13 May 2008 05:06:51 PM phil hart says: thats too expensive!
13 May 2008 05:07:15 PM Mary_GWER8153 says: I apologize I think you must have misread my statement.
13 May 2008 05:07:22 PM phil hart says: aha i’m just playing
13 May 2008 05:07:25 PM Mary_GWER8153 says: I see.
13 May 2008 05:07:54 PM Mary_GWER8153 says: To place your replacement order I will need the following: 1. Phone number. 2. eMail address. 3. Detailed shipping address (Street Address, City, State, and Zip).


If you watch my flickr stream you’ve seen pictures from shows at a local place i frequent of people playing music.  Pictures of people playing music isn’t very fulfilling so I’ve also been videoing with my non video camera camera.  There had been promise of flickr allowing video uploads and I had wanted to integrate the video into the picture sets.  However, with flickr this week releasing the video upload section, it doesn’t quite work as I had pictured.  90 second limits aren’t enough for a 5 minute song.  So I’ll just stick with youtube.  I did look at other video services such as veoh and viddler and the now defunct stage6 but youtube can boast the greater audience level, one of the main reasons I picked flickr for my pictures.   Either way, I’ve uploaded the first of these videos, and linked above.  Here’s my old friend Mercy singing at spinners.  Apologies for the background noise, although amusing, detracts quite a bit. I have more to come with some cleaner audio.  When I get rich one day I’ll buy a new video camera.

My scammers seemed to have disappeared.  I guess they realized they weren’t getting easy money from me.  I get the random occasional chat message still, I received one the other day from pamela.campbell that simply said i love you.  I guess I didn’t get whatever lulz I was expecting.  But it’s enjoyable to waste their time and about the only real direct thing I can do to them.

For those curious I did not buy my full time job.  Rumors are all around about all sorts of things, and rumors are fun sometimes.  An official announcement has yet to be made, but may be done so pretty soon.  I’ll dispel any rumors and clue you in that I will continue my job at the circus with Jasper my pet monkey.  Myself and the bearded lady plan on raising our own tent as it seems our traveling circus may not have a place to travel to once we pass the over the niger river. 

thought this one gave up before

I use one of her own quotes she tried to use on me before.  then she disappears again.

pamela.cambell: hi
radialmonster: hi there!
pamela.cambell: im here
pamela.cambell: ok soo tell me
pamela.cambell: wat u doin now
pamela.cambell: hunny
radialmonster: i’m getting ready for the big show
radialmonster: what you doing?
pamela.cambell: wat show
radialmonster: my act
pamela.cambell: wat act of urs
radialmonster: i work in the circus remember?
pamela.cambell: ok so
radialmonster: how are you?
radialmonster: Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of forever and you’ll still only have a glimpse of how much I love you.
pamela.cambell: u lie
pamela.cambell: thatz wat u men say
radialmonster: are you trying to say i’m mean?


Finally heard back from Alexandra.  Today was ‘her’ sales pitch.  I attempt to hook her up with the Nigerian 419 bank scammer to provide her the money she needs.

Alex Williams: hello
radialmonster: good evening
Alex Williams: how are yo doing
radialmonster: im good how are you?
radialmonster: where have you been?
Alex Williams: well been here
radialmonster: i haven’t seen you online
Alex Williams: i try to see you online but you seems to busy
Alex Williams: am not kinda happy here
radialmonster: ya i stay pretty busy
Alex Williams: i supose to have got back homw
Alex Williams: but i cant due to some reason
radialmonster: i was afraid you got eaten by a zebra or something
Alex Williams: just been worried
radialmonster: what is your worry
Alex Williams: well it abt the hotel manager here
Alex Williams: i was suppose to leave
Alex Williams: today but he said i cant
radialmonster: maybe you havent finished your work yet
Alex Williams: i did
Alex Williams: cause i already got paid
Alex Williams: but it was with check
Alex Williams: and i have to balance up my bills
Alex Williams: here
radialmonster: oh i see
Alex Williams: yeah
radialmonster: you should keep the check there.  the dollar here is worthless now
Alex Williams: well the prob now is that i need to seatle the manager with the balance
Alex Williams: so was lookin if you can loan me
Alex Williams: and i get it paid back to you asap
radialmonster: i hear cougar heads are worth money
Alex Williams: so do you care to loan me
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: hang on i have a customer
Alex Williams: k
radialmonster: are you saying you need some money?
Alex Williams: yeah
Alex Williams: just to seatle the bills
Alex Williams: and get back home
radialmonster: you’re in luck
Alex Williams: how
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: i have a banker friend
Alex Williams: ok
Alex Williams: cool
radialmonster: his name is peter johnson
Alex Williams: ok
Alex Williams: so what gonna happen now
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: he has offered to help me in the past
radialmonster: i’m sure he can resolve your situation
Alex Williams: ok thanks
radialmonster: hang on
Alex Williams: ok
radialmonster: i want to find his information
Alex Williams: k
Alex Williams: am waiting
radialmonster: i have his phone number
radialmonster: +233-249-295-392
Alex Williams: ok
Alex Williams: so you callin him now
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: i tried to get him on chat but he’s not there
Alex Williams: k
radialmonster: he is Peter Johnson
radialmonster: his yahoo chat is pette233john3
Alex Williams: wat do you mean by this
Alex Williams: if you know you cant assist me to get it then forget it
radialmonster: i’m telling you how you can contact him
radialmonster: he’s not answering now
Alex Williams: dnt wrry hold your help bye
radialmonster: i already sent him a message about helping
radialmonster: he has helped me before
Alex Williams has signed out. (3/17/2008 10:58 AM)