Getting ready

I’ll be going to Nekocon this weekend.  If you’re here looking for your picture I took and you’re seeing this I haven’t uploaded them yet!  Chill out!!  I’ll get them up as soon as I can. 

I won’t be home until late Sunday night so will probably be Monday before I can get them uploaded.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, stay tuned.  Those of you (like Dawn) that enjoy the pictures just hang on, you’ll see lots of pictures up here in the next few days.

Spent Halloween night packing and getting my electronics and things ready so I really missed out.  Maybe will write more thoughts later.  For now, just wanted to say you’ve come to the right place, check back very soon, send me an email if you’d like.  I’ll be leaving right after work Thursday so this will be the last thing I can put up unless I can get a good Internet connection at our luxurious hotel suite! If so I may have time to upload some pics from the con, but will prob be too busy, you know how it is at the con!! 

You can see my previous years convention pics here:


tonight I uploaded a few videos to my youtube account.  See, I bet you didn’t know I even had videos up there.

My videos include some from the beach trip the other week, a virus infected computer, and lots of animals.

Tonight’s listening pleasure provided mostly by Ryan Adams.  You are totally missing out on some of the greatest music in the world if you don’t support the effort to enhance your culture level.  Their live music archive is probably the best in the world, patronize it, and download some of your favorite artists and new ones too all free and legally.  Ok well, if you’re smart you may need to know funky stuff like about .flac and to be able to interpret the source codes to see which ones provide the best sound.  But I’m sure you can figure it all out.

Hmm lets take a second and check out their wayback machine while i’m here.*/ – relive the history aha, if you go back far enough you’re where I had to manually edit each html file to create the ‘blog’ style website, and archive them each month.  it appears the newer dates it picked up some javascript that forwards the site from to so it then takes you to right here.  sorry bout that. hmmmm got to fix that*/

You can view almost any site, pick your favorite.


Yesterday played racquetball for the first time.  Had a great time, and as soon as I can move again I’m sure we’ll play again. Went to a movie earlier today, cleaned up the house some, acquired a new web site customer.  Went shopping tonight, picked up some things, including what I’m listening to right now which is John Denver.  I went looking for Eisley but didn’t have it.  Since it’s not in the top 10 songs on the charts I’m sure walmart has never heard of them. 

I’ll be attending Nekocon this year in November, hope to see you there.  Considering buying a new camera before that, looking at the Canon XTi.  Hmm I just got a text message saying I have a new match on hotornot.  Hi there.  Anyway, I bought some animation software about a month ago and have yet to be able to figure the damn thing out.  I’d love to make some movies and share.  In due time I guess. 

Sorry, I actually don’t have any new pictures to share this time since the beach trip.  Well, yes I do, but I haven’t dumped the new pics off the camera yet.  Nothing important anyway.  Meanwhile, my flickr group Me with a Pretty Girl has been doing decent with 19 members and almost 170 pictures.  You can see my contributions here.  Note that a pic of me with a pretty girl does not negate being single aha.

So this post ended up pretty pointless.  Let’s make it interesting with some made up shit off the fly. I wrote the following story just now.  Enjoy.  Edit – Ok, you better really enjoy it I stayed up until 1:30 drawing that picture!  I’m gonna be an artist one day yet aha.  Show some love


Highly musical legs dancing the floor, her hair rayed the fog lights.  I walked in and turned to the barkeep to order my hardest drink, orange juice and ginger ale.  I added a splash of vanilla to liven things up.  “Who’s that girl,” the person next to me asked.  “I’m not sure,” not even looking up.  “I saw her on fire earlier.”  “That’s nice.”  I turned away from him only to see on my other side her.  “I can’t help you.”  “That’s nice.” “Hey, let’s switch places.”  “Leave me alone, go around.”  He got off his stool, almost knocking it into my lap and leaned into her.  “I need some assistance.”  I tune out the rest of the conversation, “another drink bartender, to go.”   All my time is over, it’s good to see you.  Don’t let me leave once more without paying.  I hate owing somebody something.  I stood up.  “Hey, you’re leaving?”  “Yea, why?”  “I’ve never had someone just leave before.  Maybe I could help you after all.”  “No thanks, I don’t play your kind.”  Exiting the door, a cab pulled up.  He instinctively swerved away from me.  “Hey, I’m not drunk!”  “That’s what they all say, now get in.”  It was actually fairly clean inside.  “Where to?” “183 Westmeister street.”  “But that’s only a few minutes walk!”  “I know, just drive around a bit.”  “Ok pal whatever you say.”  The lights coronaed all the windows creating dashing designs on my shirt.  I looked out at the empty streets, empty street corners, empty stores, empty seat beside me.  Over the Ghamber Street bridge, then back over it again the other way.  “Hey, mind if I pickup another fare then?”  “Whatever.”  He chuckles, she gets in beside me, sat her bags down between us, adjusted her toby hat above her eyes, I don’t even know if she’s noticed me.  She’s adjusting her hair, pulling out a mirror and smacking lips.   The mirror catches a glimpse of me and she jumps.  “Oh my God!”  smile, “Hi.”  “I didn’t see you there.”  “You were busy.”  “Aha I guess so, sorry.”  “It’s no problem.”  “Where you headed?”  “Just riding.”  confused look, “Oh.”  She measures me up and down, like I was some homeless guy that just wanted somewhere warm to be.  I could barely move with all the bags in the car, I was beginning to crush some of them.  “I’m sorry I didn’t know you were in here or I would of put them in the back.”  “It’s no problem.”  “You don’t have many problems, do you?”  “Quite.”  Hmm “Well, here’s my stop.”  She gets out, looks in “So, are you going to help or what?”  “Help?”  She looks at the bags.  I very clumsily pushed them together, grasping them all in one hand while closing the door behind me.  I paid her fare, and gave the cabbie a $50 tip.

Old Wheels

The first car I ever owned was a 1987 Plymouth Horizon.  I think the year is right.  My dad bought it for me from some crappy local used car lot.  It was blue, a 4 door with a hatchback.  Same body style as the Dodge Omni.  Anyway, I drove that thing like crazy back in high school until finally the engine died one day, put it in some shop to have the engine rebuilt.  It never did work right after that I thought.  I found some guy in school that wanted to buy it, so I sold it for like 500 bucks to him, he bought it, drove to his place in Raleigh and it broke down that night.  *sigh*  I offered to pay to get it fixed, and he decided he just wanted his money back.  so that he did, and I took the car back.  I ended up with my dads old car after he got a new one, and parked the little horizon in the yard, saying i’d fix it up.  That was like 10-15 years ago or so?  I don’t know, a long time.  And guess where it is today?  Right in my backyard being used to collect rust I guess.  If I can ever find the title to it I’ll sell it to a junk yard or something.  I did drive it to where it rests, but it hasn’t had any love for years and years.

Plagiarized from myself.


This past weekend I went to Kure Beach

 20070929_026 20070930_082

You can see some videos here:

Katherine Singing –

Ocean Waves –

Dancing Clown –

Previous weekend had a family reunion


I had to go back through flickr to see what I’ve actually been up to.  This past week I finally surpassed 15,000 pictures.  I now have 15,630 pics on my flickr photostream and I’m at 58,707 views as of tonight.  Not a lot to write about… I’m in more of a technical mood than a writing mood.  Hopefully I can write soon sprint

I rarely post anything work related here, but theres very little info on the net about this subject.  We use sprint uplink as our caching dns servers.  Their ips are and  These are public DNS caching servers as can be found in info here:  Within the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed unresolved domain names such as no longer give a name can’t be found error, 404 or something.  Instead they go to and attempts to help you search for the result.  Of course, these results are advertisements, and I’d assume and whoever is routing traffic to them (in this case sprint) gets a cut of the profits.  Others have verified their own upstream provider has modified their dns resovling to go to seek-aid, one example is comcast.  A link to another thread about a guy finding out the service is called paxfire can be found here:

I have verified this by removing the sprint dns servers from our system and inserting which is a widely known other dns server.  After doing this, clearing our local dns cache and restarting dns services magically disappears.  I called sprint to confirm the issue.  The first few people I spoke with didn’t understand the problem.  I was finally able to convince someone what was going on, he said he’d look into it.  About 5 people got on the line all at once and was asking me what was the error.  I said well that’s the problem.  I’m not getting an error.  I’m getting this site.  I dont want that, I want a page can’t be found error.

One guy named Jeff got on and said this is what the internet does now.  It’s the internet doing it.  Like the internet is some entity. I said this only occured within the past 2 weeks, he said it’s the internet.  I said Well my concern is… and he cut me off and said any discussion about it doesnt matter, this is the way the internet works now.  Bullshit.  I don’t want our mail server resovling names that dont exist to some ad revenue site thinking it’s a valid address because it received a response.  I’ve removed their ip’s from our dns, denying them ad revenue from many many people.  Switched to opendns (I know, ironic) for the time being until I can find a better solution.


I guess the saying that if you die in your dream you die for real is wrong. Or perhaps I didn’t die in my dream for some reason. I don’t remember the circumstances, but I remember being outside a car kneeling down on the ground. There was someone in the car, and they had the door propped open and I was trying to get them out. A cop and his cop car were behind me and he was trying to get them out too. I guess the person in the car (i think it was a woman) was in some bad trouble, but I can’t remember what. And I was helping to get them out. Well, it appeared that the person was starting to get out of the car, but in reality she reached around the door and shot me point blank in the chest. I immediately woke up. I felt so bad, I was sweating, I just really was surprised that I woke up and everything was actually OK.
I’ve had bad dreams before where something was going to happen. Like someone chasing me. And I knew when they got me they would kill me. Or falling and I knew when I hit i’d die. Things like that. But I’ve always been able to wake up before it happens. Before the person catches me, or just before I hit, or whatever. I mean those are scary as hell. I have to try and wake myself up. I attempt to scream, but as you know I’m sure you can’t scream in your sleep. I then try to move, but being in a sleeping state no matter how hard I try I usually just can’t move. I can usually end up breathing really heavy and making odd sounds until I can wake myself up by the noise. I hate those feelings, those are my nightmares. This time was different, it was all of a sudden, and it just happened. Just like that. No warning, no attempt to wake up before it happened, it was already done. Not sure what it means. Maybe I need to go eat at my favorite chinese restaurant and see, my fortune cookies are always right.


“So, how are they?”, she said as I met her glare unexpectantly.  “Bouncy,” I said, looking straight into her eyes, trying not to stare below the neckline.  Actually, I almost always look through the eyes.  Not into.  For such a pretty lady anyway.  They were nice and bouncy I told her.  Pleasantly bouncy, uplifting, smooth feeling, with a fresh scent even.  They were just the perfect size too.  Not too big, and definately not too small.  She even demonstrated as she kneeled down in front of me and touched my toes.  “They’re perfect”, she said.  That they were.  I couldn’t wait to put my feet in them.  All day long.  And at night, I’ll unlace them with pleasure.  I need to go shoe shopping more often.